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What's strong on the market right now?

Russell Caruso

Have tried a few Kavas that I used to use regularly and hadn't gotten the same effect. Stone, however, from Nakamal at Home, seems to be hitting just right as it always as.
Curious if anything new has popped up on the market in the past year or so that's new and exciting!
I prefer my heavy, sedating kavas that leave a strong buzz.

Much love, as always. Bula!


Kava Lover
Anything from Kava society. The shipping isn't cheap if you live in America, but you get only the strongest purest kava. Palarasul is the only one that I didn't adore, simply because it was so heady that it made me feel anxious and weird. The boroguru, melo melo and bir kar are awesome, and right now the current bir kar is an incredible aroma and potency. The melo melo is a and bir kar are moderately heavy vanuatu strains, and the' boroguru is a pure heavy. If you haven't tried them before, you are in for a treat. All of the Kava society cultivars provide a completely "immersive" experience that in my humble western opinion, exemplifies the pinnacle of selective breeding by the kava growers for generations.


Our Borogu and Melomelo are hitting the spot right now as our strongest. I've got some new stuff coming in soon that I believe will overtake them, but these two will certainly do the trick right now.
Would've been funny if you were pushing Squanch or sum instead :ROFLMAO:

April 1st is around the corner...:angelic