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Wisdom teeth antibiotics and kava


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Anyone have any issues A mixing antibiotics with Kava

B Any issues working with alternatives to opiates or Motrin for pain relief after wisdom teeth removal?
A. Yep, it'll turn your stomach inside out if the antibiotics you're taking might be hard on it.

B. You're young, but not teenager, so your wisdom teeth extraction may come with small complications. (the younger you are the less issues tend to spring up) I would do whatever your orthodontist suggests. When I had mine out at 16 I literally had no pain, and didn't even use pain killers. I got pretty lucky. I've seen others have not such a good time, but it was usually because they wouldn't stop smoking cigarettes.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that if your mouth hurts badly afterwards, I'm not sure kava would do much for that level of pain. If it doesn't hurt all that bad, I'd say kava would work well. Just keep ahead of any pain and you'll be good.

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You find the antibiotics and kava make nausea worse ?

And yeah I'm 24, 2 friends of mine both just had the procedure done one older by a few years and one the same age and they seem to be okay but we're in good amount of pain initially


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I had antibiotics with a dental issue a few months ago...I drank kava still, but it was extremely gnarly on my stomach. I stopped taking them a little sooner than I was supposed to because I was so sick of the stomach issues. I normally don't notice antibiotics at all when I take them. I've had them in the past, even with alcohol, no problem. So either kava and antibiotics are a rough mix, or this particular antibiotic didn't work well with me. Not sure.

I had my wisdom teeth removed in my mid 20's...I refused to take the prescribed Vicodin and relied solely on Advil and it worked fine. The whole ordeal was a lot less worse than some people described it to me. I think it partially depends on how good the oral surgeon is.


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I've had 4 wisdom teeth extracted at 3 different times and each one was different. If they aren't complicated removals and the dentist/surgeon does a good job then the worst pain doesn't seem to last very long. 2 of my 3 weren't too bad but the 3rd was quite painful. I was never prescribed antibiotics or developed an infection. If all goes well and you're not at a high risk of infection for other reasons then I highly doubt you'd need them. The wound seals up quickly.

A: I've used antibiotics and kava with no issues but the antibiotics didn't effect my stomach much. IMO you'll know when you start taking them if adding kava will make your stomach hurt more.
B: Other than general anti-inflammatory herbs, I think you know the answer here.

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I was prescribed amoxicillin but im pretty weary of taking it, its been years since ive been on any antibiotic. and i have to work the next 3 days in a row at 6 am and cant afford to be stuck in the bathroom or feeling drained. Ive noticed people either do okay or have horrible horrible experiences with it... i may substitute Berberine 500mg for the antibiotic instead.


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Anyone have any issues A mixing antibiotics with Kava

B Any issues working with alternatives to opiates or Motrin for pain relief after wisdom teeth removal?
I have had no issues mixing kava and antibiotics. Any issues I had were directly related to well known antibiotic side effects.
Most people get by with just standard over the counter pain meds or nothing at all after. My son had all four pulled, they gave him a prescription for a full week of hydrocodone. The morning after I asked how he felt and he said a little sore but fine. At which point I took the prescription back and dropped it off to be disposed of. No reason to keep it around.


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I generally do mix antibiotics and kava but am reluctant to say it's fine for everyone. I just got some blood work back and my cholesterol is actually lower....but that's for another thread.

I'm on a five day z pack right now and still drinking kava. I have some GI issues, but that is normal for me on antibiotics. Nothing out of the ordinary. As for liver? I have no idea. I think this should have some runs in studies because surely it depends on the person and many other factors.

Whenever I feel worried about my liver, I just take some milk thistle simply because it has resolved raised enzyme levels in the past.


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Not condoning it but have experience with mixing abx and kava (steel guts though). Amoxy probably ok as far as interaction with kava spaced long after, it has a very short half life unless bound to clavulanic acid or rx'ed with probenecid. Be mindful any antibiotic can affect gut function long after it has been discontinued.

Colloidal silver may be another consideration.

I was 24 when I had all 4 of mine pulled. Didn't need the pain meds, icing was much greater benefit. You might want to bring a cooler or have a couple instant ice packs to put on as soon as you get out.

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100% agree icing helped most for the pain of it coming though. Surgery isn't until mid july.

Used Oregon grape root tincture for tooth infection and pain ... gone the next day