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I love Kava Wonderful experience sharing Kava with a sparky.


Kava Curious
I recently had a Fijian guy come around to install a smart meter, upon him declining a beer I asked "How about Kava?" expecting a no thanks.

To my absolute joy he accepted and was stoked that I drank kava, we proceeded to have many chugs, talk about life and he took photos to send to his friends in a group chat, to which they responded with photos their own kava session.

Turns out we buy Kava from the same guy nearby whom he knows personally and enjoy it on the regular, it was perhaps only the second time i've ever had a complete stranger take up the offer of having kava, the resulting conversation and bonding is substantially better than it is just sharing a beer with a stranger.

Just wanted to share my small experience and slice of joy that this plant brings me and other people, what a wonderful time!


Kava Lover
Beautiful kava serendipity comes in to subvert the monotony of everyday life. I think I would immediately become friends with anyone I met that was a serious kava person. There’s so many good vibes. ::happyshell:: I’m thankful to have friends that I could turn on to kava, but meeting in the wild is a whole other level.

I haven’t been to many kava bars but the ones I have been to are either dead or full of people looking for novelty or nauseatingly hip people. A sharp contrast from the community here.