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Powdered Kava Review Yaqona Bula Kava


Kava Curious
{"Grade":10,"Potency":10,"Mind":4,"Body":8,"Anxiety":10,"Sedative":8,"Taste":"4","Preparation":"6 TBSP Knead and squeeze @ 5 mins","Duration":"","SideEffects":"","Headline":"A new favorite!"}
I picked up some Organic Noble Fijian Waka from Amazon on a whim and was pleasantly surprised at it came a day later.

To give you an idea of what I usually consider good Kava, my normal go to's are: anything Kavatime, Squanch, and [email protected] stone.

I have had bad experiences with amazon kava, however I will say that Bula Kava is really great.

I went all in, mixing 6 TBS into water, kneading and squeezing. One shell in, and my mouth is slightly numb, with a gentle weight of comfort washing through the back of my head, eyes, and down my neck spreading through my limbs. This Kava brings with it a nice body relaxation, and lifted spirits with calming effects on the mind. I do not feel an overwhelming sense of sedation calling me to bed...but rather am happy to move throughout my tasks at peace. I would not say the effects are heady, but are rather felt within my body and spirits.

I am pleasantly surprised by this Kava and would recommend giving it a shot. You can't beat the one day PRIME delivery on Amazon. Keep up the Great work Bula KAVA...you have now been added into my brand rotation.