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$120 in usa. several kava varieties for sale.

Discussion in 'Kavaforums Market' started by Buddy Love, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. Buddy Love

    Buddy Love Quantum activist in the holographic playground

    PRICE REDUCED for quick sale. MAKE AN OFFER!

    Over $180 of kava~listed below.
    all of these were purchased from the vendors in the past three to eight weeks, so are fresh!
    Payment can be made via Paypal.
    $120/ includes shipping

    Bula Kava House-- 11y.o. Waka 13.67oz @$87/lb =$74.33

    GHK Mahakea 1/2 lb $60. still in unopened package

    GHK Nene 3.52 oz @ $7.50/oz = $26.40

    KWK Borogoru@ $7.5o/oz = $6.50

    KWK Concentrates 2 2-oz bottles @ $9/ea =$18

    there is also a free sample of the GHK Instant Nene to be included.

    tally is $185.23 is what i paid/ this can all be yours for just $120.
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  2. ThePiper

    ThePiper Kava Enthusiast

    I doubt many will be interested in buying these products at full price when they are available fresh and new. Just a thought.
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  3. Larp Jango

    Larp Jango New Member

    Do you have the 11 year old kava from bula?
  4. Buddy Love

    Buddy Love Quantum activist in the holographic playground

    yes, the waka is from Bula Kava House, i mistyped that and will correct it now.
  5. Buddy Love

    Buddy Love Quantum activist in the holographic playground

    PRICE is now reduced to $100. includes shipping.

    this is almost half price for micronized kava for your pleasure and health.
  6. It is all micronized right? When are they from, like date if you can find it? Those have gone up and down a lot so batch makes a huge difference. Def thinking about it though, just bought a full lb so I'll be set for a week but if you still have it by then I may grab. Good deal and good kavas, wish I would've seen this actually before i grabbed that lb.
  7. PsyGuru

    PsyGuru Kava Enthusiast

    half or whole lb of mahakea? 60 bucks sounds like whole lb.
  8. Buddy Love

    Buddy Love Quantum activist in the holographic playground

    the awa mahakea is 8oz.--half pound.

    the concentrates and the kavas in the much smaller amounts were purchased in february.

    the bula kava house and the awa mahakea were purchased late march. and have been stored very well since then for the next person to use them. i have been very careful to take good care of them for the new person to enjoy.

    i noticed on GHK site, the awa mahakea is out of stock at the moment.
    my older computer OS will not be able to utilized paypal after june 30. so will be able to do that prior to that date. or can accept money order or check also.

    feel free to contact me via starting a conversation, as that will notify my email to read your contact.
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  9. schatz

    schatz itchin for kava

    Why are you selling these? Just curious sorry if I missed earlier post.
  10. Buddy Love

    Buddy Love Quantum activist in the holographic playground

    I have very sensitive skin. and very quickly developed dermo. so had to cease my Kava Adventures.

    it was also more $ than i could fit into my monthly budget. so the adventures can go to someone else now.

    i am closing my ALL of internet accounts and fasting from the internet for a year. if anyone wants this, you need to contact me this week. i am packing to go elsewhere, getting things finished online. and will be done with this.

    this is the last week this kava is available to you. act now.

    you will need to send me a Postal service money order, etc. no checks.

    as paypal is among the accounts i have already closed.

    AND in order to contact me, START a conversation, so i will be notified via email. otherwise, i am so busy i will not be viewing online. and i will not see your post to this thread.

  11. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    Hope you'll be ok, man, please stay in touch. Snail?
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  12. recentreturn

    recentreturn Kava Enthusiast

    I hope you find what you're truly looking for.