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Anyone ever get feelings of both immense sadness AND happiness when drinking Kava?

Discussion in 'Kava and Spirituality / Mindfulness' started by David H., Sep 7, 2019.

  1. David H.

    David H. Member

    How can I describe it... That feeling when you're on vacation and you're looking over a beautiful mountain range in the Colorado Rockies. You're just filled with this blissful peace, the calmness, the beauty of it all, and the vastness of nature. But at the same you remember that beyond this beautiful, quiet landscape lies the bullshit of humanity. You remember you have to return to the rat race next week. You remember that awful bombing that was in the news recently. You wonder how people can be so horrid. The beauty of your surroundings collides with the sad reality of human nature. You feel small, helpless, finite, happy, and sad all at the same time. As if life is some tragically beautiful series of events where nothing actually matters.

    That's the best way I can describe it. That's the feeling I get every time I drink Kava. Regardless of the strain. Anyone else relate. It's not the most comfortable feeling which is why I can only drink it 1-2X a week at most. It takes me through a wide range of emotions and usually forces me to get out my pen and paper and record my thoughts. I find I learn something new about the world, myself, or my perspective on life in every Kava session.
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  2. Kapmcrunk

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    What I believe this is due to is the fact that kava doesn't mess with your head. Normally when we "imbibe" we expect a full on numbing of our issues, the worlds problems and all anxieties of daily life. We look for a full on "mini-vacation", if you will. While it does do a good job of relieving daily anxiety, kava wont numb emotional pain like we expect from other substances. It wont erase feelings like other drugs do, and honestly I'm glad. One more check mark on the side of "non-addictive" for kava.
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