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Kava Preparation Can you help me fix my mistake?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Joannerd, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Joannerd

    Joannerd Member

    Hi, new member here, the reddit is really inactive and I certainly felt the first shell I ever drank when I prepared 8 tablespoons the traditional method Saturday. Only I never stirred it so so kind of felt most on the last cup and I kneaded 4 more tablespoons and had all but the last one.

    I got home Sunday night and I took the 4 used tablespoons and threw in the blender with 8 new tablespoons and 32 ounces of water and coconut oil. Four minutes. Put through a strainer and it was weak AF. How can I salvage any of this? Was going to attempt to knead myself this last 12-ish tablespoons of wasted kava root powder but I don’t know how much water to add. Or should I just drink the root powder since it was in the blender?

    It’s kalm with kava’s Vanuatu Borongoru.

    If I should just start over with 4 new tablespoons and try with a new one I can do that, but I have read you can get a decent wash and apparently I’m better than the blender.

    Thanks so much I’m so sad I only ordered 1/2 a pound so it’s almost gone.

    ETA: someone over on Reddit suggested that I mix a heaping teaspoon and mix with 8 oz of water or milk and chug it. Bypass the straining and everything. Apparently Kalm With Kava has a finer texture. What do you guys think? I was thinking of trying this tonight. If I do, I will post the experiment results in a new thread titled: The Kava That was Not Kneaded but Needed. I’m having coffee for breakfast today and toast. I’m off work by 3 pm EST. Excited because I’m off the next three days in case something goes wrong.
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  2. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    Bula and welcome.

    What I would do (and that's just me, not saying everybody has to do this) to salvage it is this: Drain the makas (and drink what drains off) Then put the makas in a container and store in the freezer at least overnight, but longer is fine. When you are ready, first thaw the makas, then put in a strainer bag, tie it off, put that in a bowl and pour on hot tap water, I would use 1L (4 cups) or at least 3 cups, maybe 4. Anyway, let that soak for 10 minutes then knead for 5 to 10 minutes. Pour that into a large jar, then in the bowl do another wash with hot water but only using half as much water this time, knead for 10 minutes, and add to the jar with the first wash, shake to combine, chill down and then drink.

    After that if it was strong, you might be able to get one more shell out of it by kneading 1 cup water with the bag. After that you'd be done with the makas for sure.

    Good luck, IAE.
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  3. Joannerd

    Joannerd Member

    Thank you so much, kind human! I was so sad that I may have wasted about $35 US. I’m so happy I joined this forum because I didn’t know about freezing and reusing and I tossed the first batch I ever made away without realizing I could continue to get use by lowering the water ratio.

    I have a food scale so when I try again today, I’ll look and see the formulas from the rest of the world in grams.

    So I’ll do what you suggested freeze it, and use some fresh powder when I try it today (in a smaller quantity in case I mess up again).
  4. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    I was just suggesting how you would salvage some grog out of the kava you had already used, rather than chucking it when you could most certainly get a halfway decent sesh out of it. And ofc ourse, you don't have to do it, it's just another option you have. More options the better is the way I see it.

    Don't feel bad about mishaps in the beginning. It's hard to imagine a story you could come up with that couldn't be topped by some collosal mistake I have made, or just about anyone else. Some real howlers. Ask @Intrepidus_dux some time about what happened when she squeezed a bag so hard it exploded all over her kitchen. She had to get Dexter in with a mile of string to track the splash patterns. Good times, good times. :) Bula! Oh, and don't worry about grams or centilitres or whatever, just say what you use for measurement and everyone will figure it out. It's a pretty well-informed island here.

    Here's a handy mostly accuratish scale:

    1 TBS medium grind = about 12g
    1 tsp = about 4g
    1/2 cup = 50g
    1 cup = 100g

    a shell averages about 250ml or 1 cup aka 8oz. A little shell is 100 - 125ml or 1/4 to 1/3 cup.

    what else? If chugging rather than sipping, space the shells at least 20 min apart. Try to have your last shell of the day at least an hour before bed, two is better. That seems to be optimal for good sleep. Drink lots of water. You feel it stronger if you shell on an empty stomach, but I shell whenever and don't let the empty stomach rule dictate anything. Have fun? Share with a friend? It's your turn, you make up some rules.
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  5. Joannerd

    Joannerd Member

    So I just threw 3 fresh tablespoons in a bag... I saw the video about shaking the powder out! Mine didn’t have as much powder but it’s a lot less.

    So how much water would you add? Eh, what the hey, I’ll make a 4th tablespoon because I like round numbers. How many “shells” should that yield? If the answer is 4, I’m comfortable with 4 oz cups. The taste doesn’t really bother me.
  6. Joannerd

    Joannerd Member

    Thanks for your help, I read some of your older posts when looking for information on second washes. I’m still unsure as to how the blender method didn’t work for me. I think I blended too much kava for the strainer and should have added more slowly.

    I made a fresh batch with 4 tablespoons and kneaded it for a good 15 minutes. I used 400 mL of water and a splash of cream. I put that batch in a jar. I then kneaded the makas in 200 ml of water for 10 minutes or do and added it to the first batch.

    The water didn’t feel oily, and I wasn’t sure if I did it correctly.

    However, I stirred and chugged a cup, I have no idea, maybe about 4 ounces... and I’m very pleased to report that THIS kava kava that was both needed and kneaded is already starting to work.

    It’s not enough to put me to sleep, but I definitely feel more relaxed already. After being on my feet all day, this will do the trick to relieve sore muscles.

    Is RT real do you think or do people not knead properly or figure out the water ratio at first? Or does kava just affect you faster with less cups over time?

    How did I prepare this better than my blender?
    Joannerd = 1
    Modern technology = 0

    Thanks again for your help!


    Why does it need to be chilled? Is it to taste better or is it part of the science?

    My other mistake was not knowing to stir after the fridge the first time I prepared it. The last cup sure hit hard :)


    I am going to make a mini really strong batch for Wednesday morning when I get crowns at the dentist. She prescribed me Ativan, but I think this will be better and more effective
  7. Camaytoc

    Camaytoc Kava Enthusiast

    Dude, krunkie-mckrunkface's freezer method is so life changing espescially when you are a daily drinker!
    Most of my best experiences are coming from mongrel frozen maka.
  8. Joannerd

    Joannerd Member

    So... I made a second wash with my first wash. Should I freeze those makas too? Or is that done for? McKrunkface is going to be putting vendors out of business...

    I’m so happy, even if it’s not too potent, I think I’ll still feel something.

    In your opinion, is the reverse tolerance thing more to do with getting krunk with less shells? Because I’m feeling the kava for sure since day 1. I had 2 cups about 2 hours ago, and I’m definitely relaxed. I couldn’t go to bed right now, but the aches and pains in my legs from working all day are getting a lot more manageable.
  9. Joannerd

    Joannerd Member

    Thanks for the wonderful advice. I defrosted some of this gunk today. I had originally blended it with coconut oil. I sprinkled some fresh kava with it and loaded 100ml of warm water into the aluball shaker. I could taste the oily coconut and feel the numbness go down my throat. I may even do a pseudo second wash of the second wash, I don’t think I extracted much powder so it’s nice to know I have a shitload of potent potables in the freezer I can mix up with my new shipments this week. Or heck maybe I can just chug them alone, especially if I missed most of the powder the first time. I still don’t understand how I failed using the blender, but maybe it was from adding too much at a time to the strainer bag.
  10. yankie_073

    yankie_073 New Member

    May you tell me the subreddit where you discussed it please?
  11. Camaytoc

    Camaytoc Kava Enthusiast

    Starting with fresh kava, I usually use alubal then strain with a 75micron strainer. This extra step is optionnal depending of your stomac sensitivity to sediments. I do a second wash using trad prep. After that I put it in the fridge and add more each day until I get let say a soup bowl full of maka. I usually don't let it sit in the fridge for more then 4 to 5 days max. When I get the bowl full I put it up in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer.
    When I want to use it I taw and put the whole maka in my vitamix and blend 10min with 1,4 liter of warm water. Then I do a trad prep, squeezing and kneading for 10 min.
    I do a rewash without the blender step with half the water.
    McKrunkface is more efficient then me, he end up with more grog. I think I might prefer to remain with strong grog (I like the taste of all kava)
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  12. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    I would strongly recommend keeping makas unfrozen for no more than 3 days in any form. 2 days is better and overnight is ideal. Otherwise you risk bacterial growth. Kava is antibacterial until it reaches 12% moisture content, then it becomes just as likely to develop bacterial growth as any organic matter.
  13. Joannerd

    Joannerd Member

    @Krunkie McKrunkface mistake has been fixed! Last night I slept only 2 hours using the last 6 TBS of kava that I had, and woke up at 2:30 and ate a hearty meal. I didn’t stress out, read a little, played online, watched some tv, had my makas out to thaw.

    4 hours after I ate, I filled one aluball with the thawed makas about halfway, maybe 1.5-2 TBS and shook it with 100 ml of water and chugged it. Repeated with a little less.

    It knocked me out on my ass, I’m just waking up now, 5 hours later, still sleepy but craving pizza.

    So there was a lot of unused powder in that batch- I’m refreshing that makas in a separate bag, and maybe I broke through the RT?? That was amazing sleep :)
  14. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    yes, sound like you broke through RT. Or you were just exhausted. But let's run with the first. Did it feel good? That's the main thing. When you break through RT it's an aha moment because suddenly, you feel very good. Kava should feel good and it should feel good pretty much every time.

    How did you like it? Aside from the sleep, I mean

    As for good stuff left in the makas, yes, I go through no less than 6 washes with all my root, but if strong, sometimes a 7th or even an 8th. Sometimes I'll do 6th and my wife will grab it on the way to the compost and tweeze out another shell. We believe there may be other kavalactones that come into play in the later washes that we would otherwise miss out on. Nice, gentle kavalactones, in contrast to the nice agressive kavalactones in the early washes.
  15. Joannerd

    Joannerd Member

    Honestly I don’t remember much, I just fell asleep and woke up incredibly relaxed and ordered in my lunch. One thing was that I also ate properly yesterday, and while you drink on an empty stomach, having a good diet is probably just as important.

    This evening when I try squanch’s brew, I can tell you how it feels. With my other sessions, I felt relaxed and sleepy, but I’m so accustomed to medicating myself to sleep that I need to train myself to sleep naturally again. It may be a slow process, but I know I’ll get there with discipline.

    The kava will help relieve an anxious mind. Normally I start panicking when I wake up an hour or two after sleeping and last night it didn’t really bother me.

    That was a good feeling. But seriously, after the second wash I don’t remember much else except waking up close to lunch time and seeing 5 hours had gone by.
  16. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    you will get a more powerful immediate effect from kava on an empty stomach, more immediate pleasure, but it isn't required. You still get all the health benefits if you drink on an empty stomach. Plus a bunch of pleasure. It's just that the pleasure aspect is more in tense usually on an empty stomach. By all means try to shell on an empty stomach if pleasure is what you are aiming for. But it is not, IMO, essentialy any means. I drink kava with meals, before meals, after meals. It doesn't really make any difference to me. But I drink a lot of kava.
  17. Joannerd

    Joannerd Member

    I managed to wait 5.5 hrs and I started the squanch. After the second wash I am putting the makas in a freezer bag for trad prep- is this how you do it?

    So far, I feel kind of sleepy, actually. Maybe I should have waited longer? When I made my second wash, I added a new ball with fresh kava, 1.5 TBS in each. I’m about to drink that, and repeat what I did and make a second wash with another ball that has about 1-1.5 TBS kava.

    Or I suppose I could wait and drink it again in a few hours? I thought this Fiji Waka was heady, too. I’m feeling more heavy, but that could also be because my body is tired.
  18. Joannerd

    Joannerd Member

    r/kava but it’s a ghost town