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Current pouni oni?

Discussion in 'Kalm With Kava' started by Mitiburn, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. Mitiburn

    Mitiburn Member

    Would/Does anyone know if the current stock of pouni oni’ is a new/newer batch? in my opinion it’s the best batch I’ve ever had from KWK and it’s blowing my mind, just super curious now. The other batches were great don’t get me wrong, this is my go to root from kwk and have gotten multiple pounds of this. This batch is just hardcore standing out for me right now.
  2. yiki

    yiki Kava Enthusiast

    Hm, seems like normal strength to me, maybe a bit above the 2019 standard.
  3. aviavieu

    aviavieu Member

    Is current and effective Pouni is powerful. However, will it be used a lot?