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How much kava do you keep on hand?

Discussion in 'Kava Lounge' started by pallasathena1969, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Happily, kava has really helped with my anxiety and the effect seems to last all day. I really hope it is something I can continue to use without government interference.

    After reading some posts, I am a bit wary of kava getting too much attention. The news loves drama and is always quick to broadcast the next new (perceived) “dangerous” trend.

    I’ve seen it happen with vaping. Vaping has helped me kick a 2 pack a day habit and yet the news media always has a new story about e-cigarettes and their perceived risks.

    Now, I’m hoping to kick an expensive pharmaceutical medicine and don’t know if I can without the long lasting positive effects of kava.

    Anyhow, I’m hoping to eventually have a good amount kava in my pantry.

    Maybe I’m a little paranoid, but it seems that big pharma, kill-joys, and government always want to screw things up....


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  2. WaltonGroggins

    WaltonGroggins a.k.a. "Kount Grogula"

    I share your concerns, and I'm stockpiling just in case.
    I currently have about 3.5lb, most of which is unopened.

    Side note:
    I don't trust our FDA/DEA (or USDA, EPA, CDC...) any more than you do, but I'm not personally confident that e-cigs are harmless.

    Vaporizing whole plant products is healthier than smoking them, but the risks of inhaling vaporized e-liquid are still unknown.

    E-liquid is 95% propylene glycol/glycerin. Even if that 95% is just as inert as water, which I doubt, I'd still be dubious about the safety of inhaling the "flavorings" (a.k.a. proprietary mystery chemicals)

    You should consider vaping organic tobacco instead of using e-cigs

    P.S. If you aim to quit nicotine altogether then I've found that cold turkey works best (imo, other methods only prolong withdrawal)
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  3. Zac Imiola (Herbalist)

    Zac Imiola (Herbalist) Kava Enthusiast

    You should consider vaping organic tobacco instead of using e-cigs
    Thats also what ive thought would be good for a smoker.. but as every stoner knows.. vaping is not weaker but actually really strong and conserves the herb because you destroy less... im weary of tobacco being vapped... and organic tobacco is very hard to convince them to buy and also pretty tough in general... i only know of two sources other than growing it yourself....
    at the end of the day e cigs ARE safer than chemically laced poorly grown tobacco... it just is... you can feel the difference thats why they stick to it. Any long term damagwe so to speak from the ecig would not be in a vacuum of the person... aka they wouldnt have to wait for 60 years for the ecig to hurt them if thats what this research suggests will happen or 20 years whatever .... the person already wants to quit cigs enough to puff on this wierd thing... and they feel better... when they smoke a ciggarrette again they feel worse.... if the ecig caused as bad of problems to the persons respiratory tract as is suggested it would be compounded onto the original damage that motivated the person to quit smoking or try and cut down/ transition... not be an effect by itself... unless the ecig does something to reproduction or something odd but i seriously doubt its worse than ciggarretes which also contain glycol and glycerines and many other chemicals as well as poorly grown tobacco.... as much as i agree with the advisements it reminds me of the anti kratom movement which i think originates in pro pharmaceutical circles... just like the original guy who guys yeah but theyre prob just as bad if not worse is for sure a morale do good or a tobacco lobbyist... the rest is people just repeating what they hear. Just like fake news it just starts with one and then it spreads and it doesnt matter if its true ( people feel better) the act of questioning and creating a debate, creates the illusion that both sides have equal validity and its just not true.. everything is relative and experience first... what is a clinical trial? A controlled experience. Which in life is rare

    Sorry for the rant... ive been keeping a decent stash and thinking of doing more as well.
  4. ___

    ___ Member

    If I had the money on hand I would buy a year's worth of kava at once or even multiple years. Six months worth goes in the pantry, the rest in a freezer. It's just cheaper. Plus you never know when strains are going to become unavailable or your favorite vendor go out of business (RIP kavaboy). If there's access to a kava you'd be happy drinking long term then there's no reason to not get as much as possible. With prices on the rise getting a couple years worth seems espicially smart right now.

    The only downside besides needing enough cash in your bank account (how many people have 500-1000 usd sitting around for a truly impressive bulk order?) is drinking it wastefully. It takes a certain amount of discipline to not overindulge when you have 16 pounds of kava sitting around. At least I know it can be a challenge for me. :LOL: Maybe writing dates on it for when that bag can be opened would would help with not going through it too fast.

    Unlike some people here apparently, I don't expect it to banned in the US. While the medical and politcal establishments are still rather suspicious of kava in terms of it killing people via liver damage, our FDA is ridiculously lax and I doubt anyone is going to come up with the kind of hard evidence necessary to get them to ban it. I do expect a kratom crackdown at some point, which is a shame for the people who actually need it for chronic pain.
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  5. WaltonGroggins

    WaltonGroggins a.k.a. "Kount Grogula"

    If you actually believe that our FDA is "ridiculously lax" (toward natural medicine) then tell that to Kentucky farmer Sam Girod.

    The Alliance for Natural Health might also beg to differ:

    "I doubt anyone is going to come up with the kind of hard evidence necessary to get them to ban it."

    You mean like all the hard evidence that justifies cannabis remaining a Schedule I drug?

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  6. Thanks for your responses!

    On the topic of vaping: I’ve been lowering my nicotine level so that once I get to zero nicotine, quitting will be a breeze. Besides, I’d rather use the money I spend on vaping for other things (buying kava!)

    On the topic of kava: I’m gonna be keeping my ear to the ground concerning government agencies.

    Ideally, I’d like to have about a year supply of kava in my pantry. I don’t have a ton of money to throw around but I believe that if I buy extra every month I may eventually meet my goal.

    I just don’t trust that big pharma and the FDA will sit idly by when it could get it’s fingers in the pie. Anything that competes with their medicines seems to be assimilated and regulated or destroyed. Just my opinion.

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  7. ___

    ___ Member

    I don't really want to get into a political debate about the FDA. :/ Now that the more conservative and stringent regulators in europe etc have come around to kava I would find it bizarre for them to ban it here now, but you all are welcome to disagree with me. I make no claims to have special knowledge and have been advocating bulk purchases on here for a while regardless.
  8. Pure powdered caffeine has recently been under fire. It seems not long ago that every news broadcast carried some cautionary story about energy drinks.

    People are especially sensitive to stories where minors are involved with a product and harm has resulted. Even if the odds of harm are incredibly low.

    I value autonomy and prefer not to be told what I can ingest or how I can ingest it. This whole “opioid crisis” sweeping the US is keeping doctors from prescribing medicine to those genuinely need it. And if you are honest with your doctor and admit a past addiction? Well, good luck getting the medicine you need.

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  9. kavagirl37

    kavagirl37 Member

    How long does Kava last in a pantry? And freezing it is ok?

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  10. Krunʞy

    Krunʞy . Admin

    How long does Kava last in a pantry?
    As long it's a cool dry place, it should last 9-12 months.
    And freezing it is ok?
    Absolutely, again make sure all the air is out of it and sealed properly.
    I used to keep 5 lbs on hand but nowadays I keep 1-2lbs with plenty of 2nd or 3rd wash Makas in the freezer.
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  11. muddywaters

    muddywaters Kava Enthusiast

    I keep a bag of my usual and a bag of my other stronger kind I like on hand and if it's real low I order another pound as back up. I just keep it sealed and it's not gonna sit around stored properly long enough to go bad. Since I know what I like now and how much I use weekly in general it's a lot easier now.

    I'm not completely against vaping but I never started because I don't know if I'll react badly to it doing it myself and it would just be a waste of money to me. I'm around someone who vapes constantly and get a lot of second hand vape at least once a week and it's the most relaxing thing in the world though. There's also a lot of other cool technical aspects of it to get into. Probably also why I shouldn't start, I'd like it too much if I don't get any bad reactions to it in the short run.
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  12. avahZ

    avahZ YAHWEH Shalom

    3 pounds. Order more when I get to a pound.
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  13. Nirad

    Nirad Member

    I usually keep 2lbs on hand and order when I open my second bag, however I've recently started buying 4 since USPS has been wildly unreliable as of late. My last shipment ended up in Guam instead of Michigan!
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  14. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    isn't that up in the UP?

    fwiw I keep 20 - 30 lbs on hand
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  15. That’s quite a lot imo! Did you slowly build up to that amount or did you make several large purchases?

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  16. avahZ

    avahZ YAHWEH Shalom

    Na he is counting all the left over in his freezer for the 5th wash :) Plus he isn’t mentioning all the Kava he has hidden from his wifu!
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  17. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    yes, it built up over time. You try a new one and don't finish the bag. Or you see a good price and stock up, especially if it's a kava you will never see again. I still regularly drink Damu, and occasionally as a treat Taveuni's Lawena. Those are not commonly seen.

    Also, I'm a little weird, a kind of extreme case. I went for the Willie Nelson option: all day, every day. So for me kava is not just something I enjoy or even a hobby, it's a way of life, an existential thang. And one big part of that for me is the variety. I drink a very very wide variety of kavas, and I extend that variety by creative blending. I have a wide range of feelings and a wide range of kavas to address them. It's sort of like my dad's liquor cabinet that he built up over the years, but much deeper, I think.

    Also another consideration: my wife drinks at least as much kava as I do, often more, and I drink on average 2 to 3 litres a day, sometimes up to 4. So does she. And our older son drinks as much, when he can, and I am often sending him care packages and when he visits he goes "shopping" in our pantry, which is cool, I'm all for it. He drinks kava very responsibly and efficiently and really understands and appreciates it so I am happy to load him up whenever I can.

    Finally, there is also the effect that over time I got more and more efficient in my prep. Way back when I would even make a single shell of kava with 4 TBS and then throw the makas away. Yes. True story. I shudder when I think about it. I was getting a yield of 4:1 on my grind. But nowadays I get a yield of 32:1, or even higher, depending on the grind. Consequently, I don't go through kava quite as fast. I can buy a half pound of something special and it will last me months and months, because each TBS is used very efficiently and also there are many other kavas in rotation. I still have some Leka Hina. I have some Mahakea I bought a year ago. Luckily kava keeps very well.....
  18. Gator

    Gator New Member

    Regarding vaping, it's one of the best things that I've ever encountered. I tried quitting cigarettes for years with nicotine gum, lozenges and patches; nothing worked. I finally tried the vaping and was able to quit immediately. It took a little getting used to at first, but it did work and I started feeling better right away. Started off at 24mg nicotine and gradually reduced to 3mg. over about a year. Now, I haven't had a cigarette in four years and I don't miss them. My cousin the MD, who was after me for years to quit smoking, told me vape as much as I want - just don't go back to the "real" ones.

    Regarding freezing Kava, how long could you keep an unopened bag of micronized kava?
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  19. Nirad

    Nirad Member

    I'd say, as long as it's dry and sealed it'd likely keep almost indefinitely frozen, then again properly stored it keeps well even with out freezing. Depending on the packaging and your freezer you could pick up some odors giving it a freezer burned taste, but as you know with Kava you might not even be able to taste it! I'd say unless you're trying to preserve it for a very long time, freezing powder isn't necessary.
  20. Mo'iety

    Mo'iety Kava Enthusiast

    I've started ordering 2 lbs at a time after GHK started charging shipping. Maybe I should stockpile more given the potential for more uncertainty around kava's availability.