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How would you compare Loa Waka to Borongoru?

Discussion in 'New Members Forum' started by Esoteric, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. Esoteric

    Esoteric New Member

    I’ve got KWK’s borongoru on the way but may already be regretting my choice. I originally went for borongoru being that it’s known to be balanced and heavy. After learning Waka’s heady effects seem much more euphoric with body effects significantly more “body melting” I’m questioning whether I would’ve enjoyed Loa Waka more.

    Will I merely feel bored yet relaxed with borongoru?

    My ideal kava would provide both euphoric and introspective/all is perfect vibes but slam me into bed like a rock within a few hours. The kava equivalent to an Indica edible basically.
  2. kastom_lif

    kastom_lif Kava Enthusiast

    Borogoru is a nice relaxation kava. Not too mystical, nor too euphoric. Excellent for unwinding after a hard day's work.

    Fijian kava, if I can stereotype, has more methysticine. It's "balanced" meaning you get more of a short-lived headiness yet there are also enough heavy kavalactones for a heavy experience if you drink enough. Kava Fiji is kind of special i that the methysticine (KL #6) is a main ingredient. To me (your milage may vary) KL#6 is semi-euphoric and causes a sort of mellow-happy feeling with a medium half life. It's nice.

    So, yeah. Try Fijian kavas, or solid 4/2 chemotypes like Melomelo or Mahakea. Be careful with super heady kava though, cause it'll keep you awake into the night. Unless I truly plan to be clappin' till six in the morning, I steer clear of Fu'u, Moʻi and such.
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  3. Esoteric

    Esoteric New Member

    How long do the mental effects of Loa Waka last? Are there any at all with Borongoru?
  4. kastom_lif

    kastom_lif Kava Enthusiast

    Well, it depends what you mean by "mental." No matter whether a kava is heavy or heady, I feel mentally different for up to 24 hours. Euphoric kavas have that special giddiness that lasts for maybe 20 minutes and then fades into a comfortable talkative, sociable feeling. On the other hand, even the heaviest tudei can send my brain into a shamanic calmness and nice dreams.

    KWK bogrongoru is a nice kava for falling asleep. To me, it feels balanced between its anti-anxiety effects and its pain relief effects. I like borongor very much. You should drink it. It may not be what your ideal kava is at this point in life, though it's a "clean" kava that won't leave you hung over the next morning. If anything, you'll feel rested and fresh.

    Definitely try KWK's Fijian kavas as well as their Pouni Ono. Also... Squanch, Cactus, Kava Time and Fiji Fresh all sell fantastic Fijian kavas that you may find more uplifting, for the first part of your session. Heck, even Mood and Mind and Wakacon are pretty balanced. And don't forget the various melomelos and balanced Hawaiians.

    I'd consider KWK Loa Waka about average as far as the strength of balanced, Fijian style effects go. Plus it tastes pretty good. Your mind and palate will teach you what works best for YOU as you drink more varieties.
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  5. Esoteric

    Esoteric New Member

    If Loa Waka is average strength, which do you consider below and above average?
  6. kastom_lif

    kastom_lif Kava Enthusiast

    Just among Fijian kavas? Hmm... Wakacon is on the mild side. Kava Time ranges from medium to strong. Squanch waka is a real kick in the pants, in a good way.

    There are some other vendors who sell very high KL% "Fijian" but tbh I suspect it's mixed with certain more feral cultivars. Strong for sure. Just not the effects one would expect from Fijian grog.
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