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Kava concentrate?

Discussion in 'Kalm With Kava' started by Noname, May 27, 2017.

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  1. Noname

    Noname Kava Enthusiast

    Kava root seems to be giving me problems.. If i took the micro version of a kava will it feel the same way as root ? Or is it like a watered down feeling ? What about the concentrate? Is the kava concentrate extracted with chemicals or any weird stuff ?
  2. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    KWK concentrate is wonderful, though expensive, and you cannot get krunk on it no matter how you try. A 2 TBS drink mixed with water and ice tastes great and makes you feel as pleasantly relaxed as if you have had a nice glass of scotch. And it will run you $2. (a 20 TBS bottle runs $20 if you order three of them for $60 with free shipping on Amazon Prime), kind of like a decent mid-tier scotch will. Later, if you have another one, you will feel as you did before, like you have had one scotch (not 2 scotches). Drinking a 3 or 4 TBS dose will make you feel........ like you have had one scotch. That's how it works, so it seems. You can drink a 10 TBS dose and it will not make you krunk, that is not what it is for.

    I find it nice to have to enhance my krunking. Perfect time for me is the second wash (but not the first) of my classic 3 shell krunk. Just feels wonderful at that time.Also good at the end of a sesh, to smooth you down.

    It's a treat, allright, but not a replacement for grog, more like icing on the cupcake, unless all you want is the occasional feeling of being relaxed like you've had one drink of scotch. My wife likes it with her coffee in the morning, say it sets up her day, or at the end of the day as a treat to look forward to. Or during a faculty meeting. Also it is very compatible with sex in a way grog is not. If youv'e been shelling heavily but are going to be making love after, the KWK concentrate helps you to transition between modalities, I think.
  3. chandra

    chandra Kava Enthusiast

    I started off with micro. To me the effects of micro are more heady with little body effects. I have gotten krunk on micro. Once I accidentally mixed up about twice as much as I intended while I was out, and I was afraid people thought I was drunk. My thoughts were still mostly clear, but my coordination was not. I notice more phsyical benefits from medium grind, including muscle relaxation and pain relief. As far as just mental relaxation, micro works pretty well. Haven't tried the concentrate.
  4. Myk

    Myk Kava Enthusiast

    Try mixing it (KWK's Concentrate) with mineral water, I used Pellegrino. The more carbonated the better. Straight or just a little water and ice I would finish the 10oz bottle and have results similar to yours. I mixed it with the mineral water and bam ! Three 2oz servings I was krunked. The first one hit probably twice as hard as one without mineral water and it did not plateau the second and third built on the first.
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  5. Krunkie McKrunkface

    Krunkie McKrunkface Kava Enthusiast

    Interesting. That's the first report I've heard of being able to get krunk on it.

    Must give it a try.....
  6. poolguy_cu

    poolguy_cu Member

    I don't know where else to post this but here seems as good a place as any.....I received my KWK order and tried some micro for the first time. I put about 3 tbs in 500 ml of water and shook in the AluBall shaker without the strainer balls. I always share with my wife so I figured this was a good place to start. WOW! I finally got the full affects! We also sipped on some of the concentrate which I mixed 2/3 of the sample bottle to about 300-400ml of water (I was trying for only half the sample bottle but got a little carried away). Within 10 minutes I decided that micro is for me!! I've only been drinking Kava for about 3 weeks and have had my ears ring but that was followed by feeling sick (I assume I did too much, too fast). This time I took my time and waited between shells and BANG, a nice overall sense of feeling good with something that I would compare to mild electricity going through my body. Very pleasant! I did one more shell about 30 minutes later and had a little ear ringing with very very slight nausea but nothing bad. I'm sold! Not to mention the ease of making micro! In the order I purchased the quick kava sample pack and an 8oz can of Borogu Micro. From what I've read the Borogu is good too! Can't wait! Thanks KWK! By the way, I like the concentrate to sip on during a session. Kinda makes me feel like I'm sipping an island drink on the beach!
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