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KWK Hawaii Trip

Discussion in 'Kalm With Kava' started by Kalm with Kava, Dec 14, 2016.

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  1. Kalm with Kava

    Kalm with Kava Kava Enthusiast Kava Vendor

    Aloha KF members,
    On another kava adventure to Hawaii this time to meet some good people, gain more knowledge of kava production domestically, and possibly expand our offerings in the future. The first day has been great including an awesome meet-up with @Steve from Kava Candy.

    Later I searched out the only kava bar I'm aware of in all of Honolulu - Diamond Head Cove Health Bar - which seems crazy to me there's not more here but I was not disappointed. On tap tonight was Opihikao better known as Spotted Hiwa, fresh green kava.
    DHCHB - Kava2.jpg DHCHB - Kava.jpg
    Up next, a visit to the Big Island and possibly a KWK/GHK kava sesh! - I'm very excited :nailbiting:::shell:::happy:
  2. kavamehameha

    kavamehameha Magnum's 'awa drinking bird

    Awesome photo of two of my favorite kava vendors. Mahalo to both of you! :happy:
    And Mike, enjoy your travel! Hope to see more photos!
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  3. Gourmet Hawaiian Kava

    Gourmet Hawaiian Kava Kava Expert Kava Vendor

    Great photos, thanks for sharing them. I hope to see you when you get to the Big Island. Maybe on the 19th we can all get together at Ed's place.
    I will bring the kava. Aloha. (y)

  4. Good luck Mike! It would be nice to see some more home-grown American Kava on the market. Hey, maybe Trump will give you a tax break if you sell American! :woot:
    I can see the headlines now: "Trump works deal with local Kava Reseller/Manufacturer to sell American Kava". Hey, a girl can dream ....:LOL:
  5. Jerome

    Jerome Kava Enthusiast

    That'd be huge! And ahead of schedule and under budget!
  6. kilakila

    kilakila Kava keeps me going.

    Enjoy the trip to the Big Island. I never made it to either the kava bar or to see GHK's operations. With the rain, the drive and a baby it would have been too much. Next time, when I go by myself, I'll be up for a kava session any time!
    I did however sit outside with some kava one night, listening to One Republic who were playing at a closing ceremony for a company event at a nearby resort. They were right behind our condo. Sadly the baby wasn't too impressed with them - slept right through it - until the fireworks started! Then he wasn't too happy.
    I, however, enjoyed the colorful fireworks a whole lot!
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  7. Kalm with Kava

    Kalm with Kava Kava Enthusiast Kava Vendor

    Finally on the mainland and back to the "grind" (literally) haha. Awesome meet-up with Chris and Ed who both educated me more thoroughly on domestic cultivation and Hawaiian varieties.
    Plus a couple stops at every kava bar I could find including Uncle Roberts[​IMG][​IMG]
    Kava Kafe
    And Kanaka
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  8. Gourmet Hawaiian Kava

    Gourmet Hawaiian Kava Kava Expert Kava Vendor

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing them. I also enjoyed meeting and talking kava with you. I hope your able to come back and visit again.
    Next time you come over we will harvest a kava plant and make some fresh root. Aloha nui loa.

  9. Palmetto

    Palmetto Thank God!

    Those open walled bars make me think, you have very few mosquitoes in Hawaii. Where I live, anyplace green has an awful lot of unwanted visitors for such an open bar as that.
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  10. Steve

    Steve Ozia - KavaKava Candy Kava Vendor

    @Kalm with Kava Awesome seeing you Mike! Looks like a great rest of your trip :)
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