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Kava Recipe Oh, delicious kava... (In slushy form!)

Discussion in 'Kava Lounge' started by Andrew Procyk, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Andrew Procyk

    Andrew Procyk Noble Kava Kava Vendor

    Yes, this is just what it looks like! Just started them today in the shop. (A little late because summer is over - but that is probably why the machine was so much cheaper than usual.) This recipe is made with fresh strawberries, fresh squeezed lime juice, water, sugar and the water-based water-soluble resin extract that is used in the Lava Cola out of Vanuatu. Not only a way to make kava delicious, but a way to wash down kava with more kava! Mmmmmm. ;-) To my knowledge, we are the only place in the world to get a kava slushy made with water-based extract that has virtually none of the muddy taste. If you're ever in Asheville during the summer, be sure to stop by and enjoy one of these bad boys! Delectable, and they WORK!

    kava slush.jpg
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  2. Kapmcrunk

    Kapmcrunk The Kaptain of Crunk KavaForums Founder

    Bunn granita machines. We sell a similar model. That looks fantastic. Wish I would have thought of that when we had one running here in the office. I think my wife might even drink that.

    On another note, is there any chance that the resin extract may become available for purchase by people like...myself?
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  3. hyperdown

    hyperdown Member

    :) I might have to swing by again, Andrew! Do you guys have this thing running all the time?


    OMG:Diam from nc wish i was there thats the best idea everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....
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  5. KavaGurl

    KavaGurl The Original Kava Forum Mama

    I know right! o_O Now He's got me thinking of ways I can make Strawberry kava slushys at home!! :D
  6. Andrew Procyk

    Andrew Procyk Noble Kava Kava Vendor

    Kap'm: Sadly, right now the exporters do not want the resin sold in raw form, just in some other product, and I totally understand why - it is the only water-based, water-soluble kava extract in existence, and virtually taste free. The other day was just an experiment, and the experiment went REALLY well, so to answer hyperdown's question, we do not have it running all of the time, but hope to have it in regular operation REALLY soon. We need to get a solid recipie down pat, and make sure the ingredients are always available. That batch was essentially made with what we had around the shop for smoothies, put it in the machine, and added the resin.
    Lastly, with winter on the way, we are not so sure that the cold drinks will go well with the cold weather - but we did get a CRAZY amount of requests from those who had it the other day. We are thinking of adding some spices that "warm" up the stuff, like a spiced mango or pineapple, to keep the pipes toasty on the way down.
    I will check with our suppliers, and see what they have to say about peddling the resin in raw form. It is truly next-level stuff. I offered one employee a finger-dip early in the day, and he claims he was off-kilter for a couple hours off of just what was on his fingertip! It will be available in a plethora of kava products soon, so despite the granitas only being an in-house thing, we suggest that you keep your eyes out for a slew of resin-containing products that will provide the kava-kick with almost no trace of kava taste!
    Cheers! Alez! And happy shelling!

    Very Truly,
    Iahi (Andrew)
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  7. kavadude

    kavadude ❦ॐ tanuki tamer

    I have one question.

    Where do I send my money?
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  8. infraredz

    infraredz BULA!

    Spiced cinnamon, chocolate, nutmeg and those sort of holiday type spices sound wonderful with a hint of some kava.
  9. Kapmcrunk

    Kapmcrunk The Kaptain of Crunk KavaForums Founder

    I'm with kavadude. I am in desperate need of a kava form that's tasteless. My wife has been in a world of mental hurt and every symptom she's been describing I've been telling her kava can be a godsend for it. She just absolutely can't get over the taste. Andrew, if you ever have the need to do a consumer test for effectiveness I have the perfect test subject. It hurts me to see her like this when I know it's needlessly grueling.
  10. Akava

    Akava Kava Enthusiast

    why don't you make a meal using paradise co2, its tastes good to begin with, and if you make it with something else, the kava taste will go away even more


    where can i buy this or lava cola