1. Pauli

    Any advice, how to prolong the peak?

    I feel it right now, knowing it will end, how could i make the krunk peak longer? cheers mates
  2. T

    Strain, container/placement, or tolerance?

    (I posted this on Reddit and only got one response so I’m reposting here) I have been drinking kava for about two months, and I drink it 4-5 times a week. At first I used Borugo by KWK, I actually really liked this one because it made me extremely couch locked but still gave me some heady...
  3. Pauli

    What to do against "oh soon over"-worries ?

    Thing is, no matter if is Kava or Scel, one I peak, I enjoy it, however at the same time I have those mean ", the beauty gonna be over soon" thoughts, do you have any psychological tipps how to enjoy the moment without worrying about its decrease ? Thanks Pauli
  4. A

    What is real meaning of krunked?

    Is it the headrush you get especially from heady kava? Or is it the feeling you get from too much heavy kava (Mild drunk?)?
  5. aviavieu

    Kava Preparation How to compensate for a too large krunk

    When I get dizzy and confused, when we drink too much Kava. How to quickly eliminate it?