1. Pacific Santo

    Own your Vanuatu kava plant with PSL

    Do you want a Vanuatu kava plant? Owning your kava plant(s) is now possible! We are opening a limited program to enable the kava community to own some of the best kava plants from Vanuatu. We will plant & look after your kava until it is ready to be harvested. Then, we will process it in our...
  2. Elmanaro

    We got that Boro

    We just added a bunch of new varieties to our inventory! Including the very popular and well-known Borogu and Melo Melo varieties! & we have more coming! Check us out at We also have traditional pandanus beach mats (PM me for discount rates $70 includes US shipping...
  3. Fushi88

    All Aboard The Kava Scooter!

    Decided to quit taking the Tramadol for my damaged ankle yesterday morning since the Advil was doing almost as well and tonight I wheeled myself into the kitchen and loaded my little scooter up with the goods for a little Kava sesh in bed, 3TBS of melomelo in the Alushaker, a cup to drink out...