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Own your Vanuatu kava plant with PSL

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Do you want a Vanuatu kava plant?
Owning your kava plant(s) is now possible!

We are opening a limited program to enable the kava community to own some of the best kava plants from Vanuatu.

We will plant & look after your kava until it is ready to be harvested.
Then, we will process it in our factory before shipping it to you under PSL special packaging.

What does it take to have your own kava plant(s)?

  • First, you need to be in a country where regulations already allow kava to be imported.
  • Second, you will chose the cultivar(s) among the list below:
- Melomelo​
- Borogu​
- Palasa​
- Bir Kar​
- Palarasul​

  • Third, the payment of these both following cost (to plant and look after the kava) will be required to start.
The cost to get a kava planted will vary from 10 to 18 USD depending on the choice of the cultivar.
We charge 5 USD a year for the maintenance of the plant until harvest.
[Consider 4 years minimum before harvest and maximum 6 years (Info to mention at star]

We will update on your kava plants each 3 to 4 months with pictures during its growth.
Peut être une image de nature et arbre

  • Fourth, the last cost will be paid before we ship and it split as follow:
Once your kava will be ready to be harvested we will contact you back to avert you of the final process going on.
The harvest & process at our factory will cost 30 USD.
[Pictures will be provided showing off the harvest of your plant(s)]

The shipping will have to be added on the harvest & process cost.
The shipping cost will depend of the number of kg(s) your plant will produce.
[Consider a plant to be a potent 1kg dry kava after 4 years, if you have more kg(s) then lucky you

The process at our factory and shipping cost are to be paid ONLY once the kava is matured, processed and ready to be shipped.
Shipping will be regrouped to save and cut some shipping cost for the participants.
At the end of the program your kava will cost about the wholesale pricing that PSL offers.

Additional Information:

  • Each kava plant in this program will be located in the scientific recognized area for its high quality results in the bush of Santo - onto PSL plantation.
  • Each person can get from 1 to 200 plants maximum.
  • We guarantee your investment fully - even for a single kava plant. Each plant will be brought to maturity (80% might be) or replaced by a plant from PSL garden which will be older than your plant (19% might be) or refunded in the worse case (this should be the last 1% and is stated to consider if a savage hurricane would come and have fun on the 60 Ha plantation of PSL - the risk is barely none due to our geographical location in the mountain).
  • We allocate 1 Ha out of our 60 Ha of our plantation located in the best area for growing kava for the market fun, space is limited - it will represent up to 7000 plants in total. No other lands will be opened for such program from PSL, at least in this special area.
Contact us ([email protected]) to get your first kava plants started the maturity clock!

We take the opportunity with this post to thank all of you Vanuatu kava lovers, we appreciate the growing support.
We hope this program will make you smile