1. N

    My new potentially no-nausea kava (needs more testing to be sure))

    Just thought I would share my reddit post here for anyone not on r/kava
  2. Karuna Kava

    Kava Beverage Karuna Kava Fresh Green Hawaiian Kava Pouches

    Karuna Kava is making some very fun varieties of kava these days. Do you want to experience the joys of fresh green kava, but don't have a good source? We are sourcing our fresh green kava from Pu'u O Hōkū Ranch, and are using some great natural ingredients to improve upon the flavors. Fresh...
  3. Pauli

    How unhealthy is a washdown really?

    The Fijian man talks about "washdown" meaning, drinking beer after kava I have heard one should have a 24 hours break, but Fijian culture may say otherwise
  4. N

    Endless Kava recomendations? Is there a way to create a sort of interactive popular kava chart?

    Hey everyone, Just a little idea I had. I see constant threads of people asking for kava reccomndations here and on reddit, trying to find out whats the best kava, or the strongest heady kava, or the best value, etc etc. However the answer always seems to change all the time. Since kava is a...
  5. N

    I thought I might share my new prep method here:

    I originally posted it to Reddit give it a try and see what you think:
  6. Pauli

    Do you like Vanom's Kava song?

    I find it quit good
  7. Pauli

    Just a happy bulla to you nice people

    I enjoy your youtube videos Kavasseur, Krnewman, Joe,.. and all the other nice people. if i am in US again, in your area, i would love to invite you to a few shells in the next kavabar. I whish you a very nice and friendly day Pauli
  8. Pauli

    Ironball/Stone in the bag

    Hi friends, anyone tried following instead of aluball? 1) Put 3 Tablespoons Waka into cheescloth. 2) Add 1 heavy metallball or Stone into the cheesecloth 3) close tightly 4) put into shaker and shake
  9. Nesian Kava

    New Kava Vendor: NESIAN KAVA

    Bringing the Pacific to you! Hi all, we're a new upcoming small business based in Brisbane Australia. We are looking to provide the purest and high quality Tongan kava to you all. We are keen to connect with you all. Keep an eye out for our site launching soon: www.nesiankava.com. Malo...
  10. S

    Powdered Kava Review Premium Waka

    Hi, international order arrived on time, great communication the whole time. Now onto the product premium grade waka, I’d definitely score this a 10/10, I’ve tried kava before and the effects were mild so I used the same amount with the premium grade waka and felt the effects within 10 minutes...
  11. Pauli

    What to do against "oh soon over"-worries ?

    Thing is, no matter if is Kava or Scel, one I peak, I enjoy it, however at the same time I have those mean "ohhh...no, the beauty gonna be over soon" thoughts, do you have any psychological tipps how to enjoy the moment without worrying about its decrease ? Thanks Pauli
  12. Pauli

    Spoon, pressure and fine-mesh colander?

    When kava has to be there quick while the drink is still strong and tender; is it spoon and colander, which to pick while putting the bulb into a blender? And is it, what we should do soon, to press it through the sieve by spoon?
  13. A

    Herbal fiji kava

    Herbal 100% pure fiji kava root! Contact me at 206 650 0897 to place a order! https://www.lalskavaandgrocery.com/product/waka/2?cp=true&sa=false&sbp=false&q=true
  14. Pauli

    Kava Poem

    When a "Bula" goes the round, cheering tongues got numb, Sharpened ears for calming sound, the ocean's waves, my dear drum. Like dirty water, you might look, your taste is unique in a way, All the sorrow you took, Thanks a lot, I have to say.
  15. Pauli

    Why is Kratom available in Kavabars, why not Scel or Mulungu instead?

    Kratom is said to have potential addictive properties. According to Nigel Gericke, Sceletium does not show any sign of addictiv qualitity, it is a reverse tolerant herb, just like Kava. Would it not match better with Kava, than Kratom does?
  16. Pauli

    A mate, new to kava, feels a sort of "tickling under the scalp"

    Do some among you also get a "tickling under the scalp" feeling?
  17. C

    Powdered Kava Review Ambae's Kava

    I open the package and first thing I notice is that they shipped the kava to me in a brick and the package does not have a ziploc zipper, so I have to open it with scissors. I break the brick up with a fork and make a grog with my trusty aluball (which has lasted me exactly a year now, happy...
  18. F

    Kava and witchcraft

    I was doing some research on the ritualistic use of kava by indigenous peoples, and came across several hints of the use of kava for fortune telling, gaining magical powers, cannibalism, and witchcraft. Here are some excerpts from anthropological texts that I found: The customary chief named...
  19. Karuna Kava

    Kava Beverage Cacao Vanilla Kelai

    Organic Cacao Shells and Tahitian Vanilla bean are a few of the natural ingredients found in this ready to drink traditional kava variety from Karuna Kava. Smooth flavor combines with strong and effective Kelai Vanuatu kava root to create a delightful and easy-drinking kava for at home or on the...
  20. F

    Plant Spirit Institute (Austria)

    Hello, Have you ever heard of this Kava provider ? I heard about it on the Kratom Ink forum, which has a section dedicated to kava. He is an official seller of kratom and CBD (Adrian from k-a-c.at), but has created an association to offer kava to members only ...