1. StevenF

    Kava Preparation Instant Kava with Coconut Oil Preparation Question

    I've read some posts of preparation using coconut oil to boost the effect. I am thinking on trying the following: 1. Melt Coconut Oil in a pan 2. Add some Instant Kava power to it 3. Stair well for a while ... (below boiling point) 4. Put in container and let it cool down. 5. Put it in the...
  2. StevenF

    How to prepare Kava for Sublingual use?

    I want to try Kava Sublingually, so I wanted to ask about it. How do I prepare Kava for sublingual use? Do I need to create a paste? Flakes or just useInstant Kava powder under my tongue? Has anyone tried it and does it work? Any advise would be great :)
  3. StevenF

    Symptoms or right side under ribs after drinking Kava (Gas or Liver issues, other?)

    Hi all, Since I first started taking Kava I've been having some symptoms on my right side just under my ribs. It's like a feeling or a really mild pain in that area. It doesn't happen 100% of the time. For example, it doesn't happen if I take a strong Kava with a low quantity of water. But...
  4. StevenF

    Kava Preparation Cold vs Warm vs Hot (not boiling) best for Kava preparation

    I know that boiling water is not good for Kava preparation. I make mine with cold water. I was wondering what's the best tempreture for Kava preparation: - Cold Water - Warm Water - Hot Water (not boiling) What's recommended (if it makes a difference at all) ?
  5. StevenF

    Buying a AluBall Pro Kava Maker or similar in UK?

    Hi all, I want to buy a AluBall Pro Kava Maker or similar product but I live in the UK. Does anyone know where I can get one from that will post to UK?
  6. Karuna Kava

    Kava Lava Fire Cider NOW SHIPPING Karuna Kava Boise

    Hey everyone! Our Kava Lava Fire Cider is now shipping nationwide within the US! We are really stoked about this product. A potent apple cider vinegar tonic, this blend of organic turmeric, ginger, garlic, habanero pepper, fresh squeezed lime juice, and Borogu kava root from Kalm with Kava will...
  7. StevenF

    Alcohol after Kava or Kava after Alcohol (Daily Intervals)

    Yesterday I had Kava, I wanted to ask if it's safe to have Alcohol today? Basically is it ok to alternate between Kava and Alcohol on daily intervals?
  8. C

    Powdered Kava Review Kava TONGA

    This is a great kava, the best kava I know of for social and work purposes because of its mildly focusing and super euphoric, clear headed effects. Upon first receiving the kava, I was blown away by the packaging. The bright red, stylized labeling reminded me a lot of the cookies cannabis...
  9. StevenF

    Waiting time to take Kava after taking Paracetamol

    Hi all, I've had a sore throat so I've had to take 2 Paracetamol tablets as I had no Ibuprofen nor Aspirin in the house. My question is ... How long do I need to wait after taking Paracetamol to take Kava?
  10. StevenF

    Kava and Cold Feet Possible?

    This might be nothing to do with Kava but as it's happened to me a couple of times and never felt it before Kava. A couple of times after a few hours of taking Kava I've have the feeling of cold feet, to the point where I've had to wear and couple of socks. (It's snowing outside) but none of my...
  11. StevenF

    Prepared Kava storage time length

    I am curious about storing left over Kava in the Fridge? For example, if I make myself more Kava than I use, if it ok to put it in a bottle and in the fridge? If so for how long is it ok to store it for, if it is at all?
  12. StevenF

    Getting Headaches is it the Kava or something else?

    I'm new to Kava so you I'm paying a lot of attention to all the effects I get from it...or something else? I love the effect of Kava...I'm just curious to know if headaches is a common side effect or if I should looked elsewhere like for example: Too long on my computer etc :) Thanks :)
  13. StevenF

    Kava Recipes

    One of the things most Kava users complain about is the taste, although some people like it and others like to drink it the Traditional way. I was just wondering if any users out there have found any recipes to make it taste nice? I think it would be interesting to try and who knows, it might...
  14. kavakarma

    Kava Poll Feeling better after a shell of kava.

    Hello! Good morning, from where I am. My cat just made me let her out, before sunrise. Territorial cat she is. For the past half hour, I've been listening to music, dancing, eating charcuterie, and making a shell. Not more than ten minutes ago I had my shell, life is good. I used an ounce of...
  15. StevenF

    Good Instant Nobel Kava for UK

    Hi all, Where can I get Good Instant Nobel Kava for UK these days? Thanks StevenF
  16. GhostGoose

    Kava and Kovid

    Does anyone know how the usage of kava affects those infected with Covid-19? I’m currently positive with mild symptoms and thinking about squeezing some up to help with muscle aches. Thoughts?
  17. ofaskava

    Ofa's Kava

    Hey Kava Friends, I am Bruce and I'm not new to kava but new to the Forum. I've been selling Tongan Kava for the last 10 years and have never joined any forums. Checkout our Ofa's Kava Store @ https://www.facebook.com/OFAS-KAVA-109794964129199/ I sold Pouni Ono Kava to Mike Munsel on Kalm...
  18. Kava Vinaka

    Kava Vinaka CoAs July 2020

    Latest Certificate of Analysis attached for our products.
  19. Loelinverse

    Wanted to make an instagram page

    Hey Guys, I am interested to make a tribute instagram page and I would love to know any good resources I can use for promoting this type of drink. I currently have 1LB Wakacon Noble Fiji Waka Kava and an Aluball system with an Aluball Pro Shaker (the one with the rounded bottom). Reading from...
  20. K

    Getting Kisa's Kava today, plan on trying it out tonight or tomorrow

    I am so excited to try some good quality Kava to see how I will like the experience. It looks like the muslin bags are going to be a few more days until they arrive, but I'm supposed to be getting the kava today. If I decide to try it out tonight or tomorrow without the muslin bags, what could...