1. BourbonMac

    Niacin, an aid at preventing dermopathy?

    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, it seemed correct but a lot of my stuff gets moved. So every evening I take niacin, pretty high doses, for chronic ringing in the ears. It helps really well in general (why, I'm not sure). Anyway, niacin causes your body to "flush" and you get all...
  2. BourbonMac

    Kava Preparation Strange issue while straining 20g last night, never happened before

    So I'd packed like 10g of medium Lewena and 11g of micronized, something I've done before, into my AluBall, which I've used at least a hundred times, and it just simply didn't strain at all. It came out as kava flavored water. This happened to me only when I've used 2 balls before, but never...
  3. L

    Introducing "Mocktail Maestro" – Your Go-To Expert for Kava & Mocktail Recipes, Brought to You by Local Nakamal

    Hello Kava Community! I'm thrilled to announce a brand-new feature that's sure to add a splash of creativity and flavor to your non-alcoholic beverage repertoire. Meet Mocktail Maestro, an exclusive, free tool provided by Local Nakamal, Wyoming's premier Kava Bar and social lounge. What is...
  4. S

    Dosage recommendation

    Hey guys. I understand that medium grind is a much better kava in terms of digestion in some peoples opinion. But I just received my KWK micronized kava and I want to know what’s the best way to achieve calming effects? I tried the kava once before but I don’t believe I drank enough, I believe I...
  5. BourbonMac

    Kava FAQ Why does kava just not really work sometimes? Also, can you develop tolerance to specific strains?

    I didn't think you could develop any tolerance at all, really. I mean I experienced what I thought was tolerance last winter with micronized when suddenly it stopped working, I'd taken 22g one night feeling very little, then 10g the next night and felt incredible, more like I'd done my 15g dose...
  6. kava4less

    Kava Tonga

    Malo e lelei, Thank you for this awesome platform that allows the connection of all people from different walks of life. My name is Steve, a Kava Wholesaler. My Kava originates from family farms in Vava'u, Tonga which is known for its very warm climate and fertile soil. Shipping is available...
  7. BourbonMac

    Kava Side Effects Damn, dermopathy coming on after just a week back of use (not daily) after no kava for 4 months, what gives?

    It took me 2 months of daily use to notice any dermopathy last winter, and it was a dry ass winter so that could've accentuated dry skin. I noticed after I got out of work my neck was looking pretty red and I was itchy in a similar way as back then. My facial hair had dandruff too. I'm using...
  8. Mayhempain

    Telegram group

    Hello. Are they kava telegram groups already? It would be nice to talk with other users away from the forum. I’m from west-Germany.
  9. D

    Kava Preparation Instant Kava dosage?

    Hey, Yesterday I had my first shell of Kava. I prepared it with Instant Kava from kavaeurope and I chose a dosage of 1 teaspoon for 200ml of water (as kavaeurope recommended such a dosage and many other websites said, that you should use 1-2 teaspoons per 200ml water). What really confused me...
  10. BourbonMac

    Kava Side Effects I think I'm having an allergic reaction develop but I can't say for sure yet

    2 months ago I began using micronized, used 250g of it with no issue. Then I was using an extract for awhile with no issue. However, ever since I've started using medium grind, my skin is just getting awful. I mean right now, my neck region and upper/lower chest (particularly the upper) are so...
  11. kavakarma

    Powdered Kava Review Santo Palasa! Special request accomodated.

    Hello! Malok all kava drinkers. This is a review of my order experience from Kalm with Kava regarding a bag of roots from Santo, an island in Vanuatu. Santo is known for having the freshest kava. I heard this from talking with someone on a phone call who lives there! Thankfully, I tried this...
  12. BourbonMac

    Kava FAQ Inconsistency of kava

    I'm sure this has been brought up some on the forum but I only saw a few threads. I had a few questions though. So for one, I've found kava/kavalactones in general to be highly variable. One night I'll feel nothing, the next I'll feel mild sedation, then heavy sedation, then maybe immense MDMA...
  13. BourbonMac

    I love Kava New here

    Just introducing myself. I'm a relatively new kava user and have found the subreddit can be full of some not so great people. I figure a forum dedicated to the stuff would probably be a more reliable place to learn more about kava and just generally talk about it. I have chronic tinnitus and...
  14. Pauli

    Do you know the rather stressfull afterglow?

    Sometimes, after gulping around 30 grams of miconized, I am very blissed for about one hour, but after this hour I feel kinda stressfull, do you know that feeling?
  15. Pacific Santo

    Own your Vanuatu kava plant with PSL

    Do you want a Vanuatu kava plant? Owning your kava plant(s) is now possible! We are opening a limited program to enable the kava community to own some of the best kava plants from Vanuatu. We will plant & look after your kava until it is ready to be harvested. Then, we will process it in our...
  16. Pauli

    stressful wurl-feeling from kava?

    Lately, about an hour after the KAVAupheria, I've had a strange, stressful wurl feeling... do you know that too? What to do about it?
  17. Pauli

    How many of the kava bars have a taverneum?

    Can you recommend kava bars with lots of pacific art, whether it is a kava bar with a taverneum or it is a kava tavern with a museum? Thanks a lot
  18. N

    My new potentially no-nausea kava (needs more testing to be sure))

    Just thought I would share my reddit post here for anyone not on r/kava
  19. Karuna Kava

    Kava Beverage Karuna Kava Fresh Green Hawaiian Kava Pouches

    Karuna Kava is making some very fun varieties of kava these days. Do you want to experience the joys of fresh green kava, but don't have a good source? We are sourcing our fresh green kava from Pu'u O Hōkū Ranch, and are using some great natural ingredients to improve upon the flavors. Fresh...
  20. Pauli

    How unhealthy is a washdown really?

    The Fijian man talks about "washdown" meaning, drinking beer after kava I have heard one should have a 24 hours break, but Fijian culture may say otherwise