1. Pauli

    Why is Kratom available in Kavabars, why not Scel or Mulungu instead?

    Kratom is said to have potential addictive properties. According to Nigel Gericke, Sceletium does not show any sign of addictiv qualitity, it is a reverse tolerant herb, just like Kava. Would it not match better with Kava, than Kratom does?
  2. Pauli

    A mate, new to kava, feels a sort of "tickling under the scalp"

    Do some among you also get a "tickling under the scalp" feeling?
  3. C

    Powdered Kava Review Ambae's Kava

    I open the package and first thing I notice is that they shipped the kava to me in a brick and the package does not have a ziploc zipper, so I have to open it with scissors. I break the brick up with a fork and make a grog with my trusty aluball (which has lasted me exactly a year now, happy...
  4. F

    Kava and witchcraft

    I was doing some research on the ritualistic use of kava by indigenous peoples, and came across several hints of the use of kava for fortune telling, gaining magical powers, cannibalism, and witchcraft. Here are some excerpts from anthropological texts that I found: The customary chief named...
  5. Karuna Kava

    Kava Beverage Cacao Vanilla Kelai

    Organic Cacao Shells and Tahitian Vanilla bean are a few of the natural ingredients found in this ready to drink traditional kava variety from Karuna Kava. Smooth flavor combines with strong and effective Kelai Vanuatu kava root to create a delightful and easy-drinking kava for at home or on the...
  6. F

    Plant Spirit Institute (Austria)

    Hello, Have you ever heard of this Kava provider ? I heard about it on the Kratom Ink forum, which has a section dedicated to kava. He is an official seller of kratom and CBD (Adrian from k-a-c.at), but has created an association to offer kava to members only ...
  7. Token

    New to kava questions

    Hey all, new to trying Kava. I recently got my order from Kalm with Kava. My first time trying it today, I feel like it had a slight effect on me I drank about 3 serving sizes over 2 hours or so. How many serving sizes would be considered alot? I know there is probably a reverse tolerance...
  8. Pauli

    Is it ok to drink kava while having covid?

    Anyone any experience?
  9. Elmanaro

    El Manaro Kava Preparation Tables

    Hey kava family, I did some calculations (and empirical investigation) last night on how to mix regular and instant kava to achieve the perfect Vanuatu mix. 5 Shells and you're gone! The units are in metric and US. Please inform me if you would like the US measurements to be altered to how you...
  10. Elmanaro

    Regular Vanuatu Kava Powder Now Available! *All Varieties*

    Hey Kava family, I've been hard at work sorting out a good supply of regular kava powder and I'm pleased to announce that we can now provide it to you. I've just loaded up the selection on our site and you should be able to view it now. Hopefully I can take more product photos on the weekend...
  11. A

    New to the forum and am curious about my current experience

    Hello Everyone! I just decided to create an account here after lurking for months. I’ve been consuming Kava (KWK) on/off since August and lately I’ve noticed that I get an unpleasant smell in my armpits and groin area…as if I had been sweating and only after drinking Kava. I love Kava so much as...
  12. Elmanaro

    We got that Boro

    We just added a bunch of new varieties to our inventory! Including the very popular and well-known Borogu and Melo Melo varieties! & we have more coming! Check us out at https://elmanaro.com/ We also have traditional pandanus beach mats (PM me for discount rates $70 includes US shipping...
  13. Pauli

    Kava and Mulungu combined

    Would you confirm that Kava and Mulungu make a good couple?
  14. Pauli

    Is ist usual, that my mounth is never numb ?

    I mean I feel kava's effect, but I need quite a few table spoons and I dont have the numbing of tongue and mouth, everybody is talking about
  15. A

    Kava hides the symptoms of electrolytes imbalances

    Kava is a duiretic which can certainly cause electrolyes imbalances but it's also good at hiding alot of the symptoms of electrolyes imbalances. Example: just to name a few Hypokalemia (Low Pottassium): Weakness and fatigue ( it can easily be attributed (or confused?) With kavas hypnotic...
  16. A

    Dermo How i reduced my Kanikani (Kava Eczema)

    This is not in anyway a health or medical advise. Iam just stating my personal experience and how I reduced my dry kava skin. Vitamin B Complex 100 Capsules Increase Greens (Kale,Avocado,Spanish) And the most beneficial one for me personally the so-called ketorade: 0.8L - 1L of Water 1/4 tsp...
  17. J

    Kava Supplements for anxiety

    (First time post on the forum) Hello, I use a Kava brand called, 'NOW Supplements'. Available on iherb (and possibly eBay.) Nice and relaxing -- 2 - 3 capsules, every 1.5 - hours. (250 mg per capsule) Prepared with warm almond milk & an omega-3 supplement... Sometimes taken capsules...
  18. AZcat

    Kava and Bereavement

    Its only now that I fell capable of writing this post, my partner who I was close friends with for 18 years and married to for 5 years died January 5th this year. It was something I was expecting to happen sometime, because she was 90, and not in a good state of health even when we first met...
  19. C

    Powdered Kava Review Nakamal at Home: True Kava (Tudei)

    I recently received a small quarter pound package of the tudei True Kava from nakamal at home. The packaging is quite nice looking, with a dude playing a trumpet on the front and a bunch of warnings and nutrition facts on the back. The whole package is covered in a watermelon type pattern...
  20. P

    Is this painting showing Vanuatu?

    The lady carring a kava bowl on her head? https://www.schatzwert.com/ad/painting-sudl-dorf-am-wasser-southern-village-on-the-water/ Thanks