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Powdered Kava Review Santo Palasa! Special request accomodated.


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Hello! Malok all kava drinkers. This is a review of my order experience from Kalm with Kava regarding a bag of roots from Santo, an island in Vanuatu.

Santo is known for having the freshest kava. I heard this from talking with someone on a phone call who lives there! Thankfully, I tried this kava before those words entered my head, so I feel a little less biased in saying, Yes, this is excellent kava. The kava smells and tastes pleasing to me.

For me, one of the best ways to describe the flavor is to drink the kava during the review process. I brewed up a batch of sixty grams dry root a moment ago, in twelve hundred milliliters of water which was heated a little bit warmer than room temp. I used a cloth strainer, had my roots in the strainer, and with rinsed-off gloves squeezed and squeezed away. I rinse the gloves off to prevent imparting a rubbery taste in my kavas. I squeezed with vigor for five minutes. Usually, I brew a second wash right away, then freeze the third for further rebrewing later on. This time, I simply froze the second wash, cleaned my strainer out, hung it to dry. All right. I had a shell.

I feel that trying to explain the taste of this is a challenge. It tastes like fresh kava. I'll leave it up to your imagination as although the taste is unique, I am drinking this kava for its effects.

First, the kava numbs my tongue and throat. I do like a small sip of water after my kava, I know some of my friends use coconut water, juice, fresh fruit, or even caffeinated soda with the artificial flavors and colors and everything. To each their own! Me I like to rinse my mouth mainly for dental health, however with this kava the numbing can be a bit overpowering to a non-Islander like me, so there is my other reason. Plus, staying hydrated--I crave water in the same way I crave kava, on a cycle, based on when I have had it last. My body tells me when it is time for more nourishment.

This kava, like many kavas I have seen before, helps to clear the sinus tubes. The Palasa from Santo does a particularly good job of making it easier to breathe for me, so that is to be thankful for.

Moving to the core of my review now. I ordered Friday early morning and asked to please send me a sample. I was not specific. A sample of what? I wanted to test out the communication, I knew I would be making a review and thought, if I do get a free extra for asking that is a display of generosity which will fortify my review.

I did get what I asked for! I know that vendors aren't supposed to be giving away kava all the time. I did find a gift in the package nonetheless. It looks like a sticker, which can also be bent inward in the middle and stands on the table. It shows a person drinking kava from a coconut shell, sitting against a tree looking at the ocean and horizon. It also says Kalm with Kava on it. I love this trinket! I'm a sticker-collector and I also collect art related to kava. I do not have too much saved so far and this goes in my collection, neat inclusion! So yes it shipped Monday and arrived Tuesday and turns out to be some fantastic kava. I will definitely be ordering more of this Santo while it is in stock. A favorite of mine.

In case the review did not display for you, I give this kava five shells out of five overall. Its heady effect and heavy effect seem to be four shells, and its anxiety relief is a five. I had to ask myself, as a person who has a healthy amount of anxiety in my life, does this kava make me less anxious? It sure absolutely does. Not a little bit, all the way. I believe it is about four shells on the sedative/sleepy factor. I do drink kava to help me go to bed. I disallow pharmaceuticals into my life so kava which helps me sleep is a lifesaver for me. I don't know if pain relief was an offered category but this kava possibly helps a little bit with pain. Generally kava doesn't remove pain for me which is kind of a blessing. Substances which do remove pain are often addictive in my experience. Also, when I experience pain, it comes and goes, and is mostly associated with the barometric pressure, temperature, and humidity, so it would be hard to say whether kava has any real impact on it or not. The kava also is nice and social, unless you drink a lot of it quickly, then it's nice and sleepy, ha ha.

There are also fantastic dreams with this kava. I heard my friends voices as if they were talking to eachother with me present in a dream which came on after I fell asleep earlier from drinking 84grams root in 1200ml cold water. I couldn't see in this dream, heard friendly voices nonetheless.

To address smoothness, I rate this kava 9/10 on smoothness scale and about 3 on bitterness, because all kava is bitter to me. It does a good tongue numbing, even on the second wash, and I have no doubt the third-fourth-fifth wash will be better than nothing. If there were any side effect to this it would be that it's hard on the belly if you have an empty stomach OR if you make it too strong. If you use enough water during brewing and have a little food in your belly this kava should be a smooth ride.

What more is to say about this kava? Excellent root, very reputable company, all is good. I am going to go back to my kava drinking now. Thanks for listening everybody.