1. kavakarma

    Powdered Kava Review Santo Palasa! Special request accomodated.

    Hello! Malok all kava drinkers. This is a review of my order experience from Kalm with Kava regarding a bag of roots from Santo, an island in Vanuatu. Santo is known for having the freshest kava. I heard this from talking with someone on a phone call who lives there! Thankfully, I tried this...
  2. S

    Powdered Kava Review Premium Waka

    Hi, international order arrived on time, great communication the whole time. Now onto the product premium grade waka, I’d definitely score this a 10/10, I’ve tried kava before and the effects were mild so I used the same amount with the premium grade waka and felt the effects within 10 minutes...
  3. K

    Blue Lagoon Kava (Australia) Review

    Hi all, I would like to post my review of Blue Lagoon Kava ( ). This comes as Australia has just begun allowing the commercial sale of Kava in drinking form, whereby previously the only way to get it in Australia was if you were bringing it in yourself on a flight for...
  4. KavaKitty

    Micronized Borongoru

    I won an 8 ounce jar of this in the first 2016 giveaway, and decided to save it to try on a weekend. I tried it this past Sunday, April 3, 2016. Let me start out by saying it's definitely a Sunday kava. Don't imbibe this if you have to drive, as it's a pretty heavy "body kava," in that it makes...