vanuatu kava

  1. Coral Sea Kava

    Coral Sea Kava Products

    Instant Green Kelai Kava Our Kelai kava tea is shade-grown on the fertile volcanic slopes of Epi. A collective of small-lot farmers first begins by raising the kava in their gardens free of pesticides and fertilizers for 5 years before selection. Next, they hand-harvest on demand to ensure the...
  2. Pacific Santo

    Own your Vanuatu kava plant with PSL

    Do you want a Vanuatu kava plant? Owning your kava plant(s) is now possible! We are opening a limited program to enable the kava community to own some of the best kava plants from Vanuatu. We will plant & look after your kava until it is ready to be harvested. Then, we will process it in our...
  3. Elmanaro

    An introduction on how to drink Kava

    I've noticed that there's not much local information about Kava online and a lot of people end up either not feeling it or not mixing it properly, so I thought I would start making a few videos about everything Kava related to help out the online community. I'm happy to hear questions from...
  4. Elmanaro

    Just thought I'd put this here

    We're coming for you Fiji