micronized kava

  1. Coral Sea Kava

    FREE AoK Gorgor Micronized - 1.3lb open - Just cover shipping

    I had about 1.5lbs of Gorgor micro from AoK that I sifted off from 3lbs of medium grind. I can’t really do Micronized even when straining as it makes me prone to styes which doesn’t happen with instant or traditional grind, even if I prepare in a traditional fashion and strain. I don’t sell...
  2. Pauli

    Do you know the rather stressfull afterglow?

    Sometimes, after gulping around 30 grams of miconized, I am very blissed for about one hour, but after this hour I feel kinda stressfull, do you know that feeling?
  3. Pauli

    Straining micronized kava

    Instead of drinking the micronized fiji waka toss-and-washingly, I strained it via a very fine strainer, and about a third of the micronized remained inside the strainer. I think you get more out of it, when you straign micronized kava, what do you think?
  4. Pauli

    Anyone tried Gomoa Fiji Kava Premium?

    It is micronized but still pleasant to drink and strong, over 10 % lactones
  5. A

    Kava Preparation Correct way to use micronized kava

    What I currently do is add 5-10g of micronized kava into 150 - 200 ml of water every 30min - 1 hour for 2-4 hours and gulp it within 10 mins I get dizzy (and somewhat euphoric) depending on the strain is this normal part of it?