1. Pauli

    Stiff Neck: Do you have good results with Kava ?

    I want to have a 6 day break between my kratoms, so I want to relieve my stiff neck with kava, I think it works, what is your experiences?
  2. StevenF

    Symptoms or right side under ribs after drinking Kava (Gas or Liver issues, other?)

    Hi all, Since I first started taking Kava I've been having some symptoms on my right side just under my ribs. It's like a feeling or a really mild pain in that area. It doesn't happen 100% of the time. For example, it doesn't happen if I take a strong Kava with a low quantity of water. But...
  3. K

    Kava Side Effects Serious stomach cramps, bloating and other effects. Wondering if Kava could be the culprit

    Hi all. So as my username suggests, I'm a total Kava newbie. I've been lurking these forums for a while and finally decided to start an account. After doing research and whatnot, I decided that I would go with an instant Kava to start with so I can try it out easily to see how I like it. I've...