strainer bag

  1. Pauli

    Spoon, pressure and fine-mesh colander?

    When kava has to be there quick while the drink is still strong and tender; is it spoon and colander, which to pick while putting the bulb into a blender? And is it, what we should do soon, to press it through the sieve by spoon?
  2. Pauli

    Straining micronized kava

    Instead of drinking the micronized fiji waka toss-and-washingly, I strained it via a very fine strainer, and about a third of the micronized remained inside the strainer. I think you get more out of it, when you straign micronized kava, what do you think?
  3. K

    Getting Kisa's Kava today, plan on trying it out tonight or tomorrow

    I am so excited to try some good quality Kava to see how I will like the experience. It looks like the muslin bags are going to be a few more days until they arrive, but I'm supposed to be getting the kava today. If I decide to try it out tonight or tomorrow without the muslin bags, what could...