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Kava Preparation 5Tablespoon vs Dessert/Soup Spoon vs Teaspoon


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I generally use two level measuring tablespoons per pint of water for medium grind kava, and three level measuring teaspoons per pint of water for micronized kava. I'd read in the Kava Library that GWK micronized kava is twice is strong as medium grind kava, so since a measuring teaspoon is 1/3 of a measuring tablespoon, this should make the same strength for both.


Replying from the UK.. Depending on amount of water, will tell you how many TABLE spoons.. So the bigger spoon from your photo..


Kava Curious
I've been using two "rounded tablespoons" (measuring Tablespoons) - for a little over one pint of water. I mostly went with that amount because that is the most you can fit properly into a single Aluball. Recently I got a second Aluball, so I have been doing 3 rounded tablespoons and it's pretty perfect!

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I refuse to get one of those little scales for grams that everybody has these days for their [email protected] and flower. Not my style. Measuring spoons work just fine if you own them and use them properly, which I sometimes do, if I feel like it. Maybe. Do it enough and you can eyeball things ok.
Only the best for you, Mr @Krunkie McKrunkface . May I present to you this lovely polished brass double-beam apothecary scale and weight set, with storage recesses in the base for the weights. Most eloquent, I must say, sir.
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I use 7-8 heaping teaspoons. I suppose if you're consistent with your measure it doesn't matter so much what is used.