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Powdered Kava Review Ambae's Kava


Rooted @ 40g
I received this kava on Monday, I had placed my order on Thursday via first class and was happily surprised to receive it so quickly. I really love the little brick of kava and it is immediately clear how fresh this kava is when I broke the vacuum seal.

This is one of the more potent kavas I've had the pleasure of drinking. It has a wonderful sweet/berry aroma and relatively mild taste for the punch it packs. It's a creeper and I am guessing that's the Melo Melo in it. I felt the full effects within about 30-40 minutes after the first shell. Effects are very heavy and a couch lock kava for sure, I have been sleeping like a baby the whole week. I can't emphasize enough how strong this kava is and a little goes a long way, which is another testament to it's potency and the 3-4 washes I have managed to get out of each session.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with this blend and think it's a great nighttime kava.


Kava Curious
This stuff might have the strongest “creeper effect” that I’ve ever experienced in a kava. Drank 40g last night, and the full effects didn’t seem to kick in until almost an hour after my last shell. Was in a state of sedation for like 4 hours until I fell asleep. It’s rare that I get effects that last that long from kava. Also I found the headiness was minimal, which I like, and even though the heavy sedation was very pronounced, it had a very clean feeling, and zero side effects. A+++ kava. Thanks Neil!