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Anyone tried the kelai?


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So I loved malekula kava when I tried it way back and planned to order a large amount from this vendor, well over $100 worth. I guess some issues with stock came up and they just went ahead and shipped me kelai instead of the malekula I asked for. What is this kelai like? I am worried that it is going to be an overwhelming heady like my experience with palarasul (Kwk and Kava Society) and strains like kavatime savusavu or GHK moi these days. I was hoping to get kava that would help me sleep and put me in a dreamy chill state with some mid-heavy vibes. Am I going to have yet another bag of kava that sits in the closet because it is unpleasantly heady? I literally don’t touch palarasul or moi nowadays because they just make me feel like shit. I did kind of enjoy kelai from kava society but it is one that I have to be careful with because of anxiety and it definitely won’t help me sleep at all.
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Got it today, I guess I will report back (instant and medium grind)
Kelai is ethereal and heady with little stimulation. It's definitely a unique cultivar. I usually mix mine with other heavier varieties to shore up the sedative side.