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Australia to trial commercial kava imports in 2020


Kava Curious
I've found caps a very poor trade. I've tried 30 at a time and that's all I can stomach, with few benefits. I have a high tolerance, and that would play a part.
Kudos to those who get a little kava reprieve from any source, and hope it improves for us all later this year with the review. Get those submissions in if you have something to say, only a few days to go before submissions close.
Yeah you have to take a lot of caps to feel anything. The Fiji Kava ones are good if you break them open but whoa it's expensive.

What would you recommend as a submission? I was thinking of writing one but wasn't sure if consumer submissions would help. I could argue the spiritual significance/cultural relevance until the cows come home but wouldn't want to mess it up or say something that could be taken in the wrong way.

I think products available elsewhere in the world that are mixing Kava with substances that are yet to be decriminalised in Australia are doing us all a disservice. Hopefully some very smart and influential people are making some valid and good natured submissions.


Kava Enthusiast
Just to speed up absorption I think? Plus it's not a great look necking 15 or so pills in one go... :(
Failed the pretty test, oh well. I've necked 30 fijikava without effect. Gonna try some coconut oil, maceration and heat tests, see what I can do. Desperate times, etc.


Kava Enthusiast
Okay, having experimented with every variation I can think of, what is working 'well enough' for me atm is 13 fiji kava plus 8 thompson's kava, ground up in pestle and mortar and skolled on a 5hr hour fast. Not sure why but this combo works better than other variations, and with any slight adjustment the nausea becomes unmanageable (I'm def more inclined to nausea with tabs). It gives me an hour or so of that entry level relaxation, but it's the larger benefit I'm after; the 'kava bubble' and management of other addictions. It's expensive for sure (I got all the caps half price so I'm looking at about $10 a day for this habit. Probably the same as I was spending on alcohol, and the health benefits from that switch have been tangible.)
a sad way to drink kava, but it helps me enough that it's worth it...for now.
Can't wait to get across the pond and get some proper stuff when borders reopen! Or, fingers crossed, this import thing goes through 2021.
Good news for kava producing nations and Australia. But I wonder what "commercial imports" means. Will Australians be able to buy kava powder, or will it just mean imports for OTC pharma products?

Clearly the right just thing to do, but I do nonetheless also wonder about my own selfish interests as a US kava consumer; will we see our prices go up even further?
No i do not think that price for kava will go up!