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Australia to trial commercial kava imports in 2020


Kava Curious
I've found caps a very poor trade. I've tried 30 at a time and that's all I can stomach, with few benefits. I have a high tolerance, and that would play a part.
Kudos to those who get a little kava reprieve from any source, and hope it improves for us all later this year with the review. Get those submissions in if you have something to say, only a few days to go before submissions close.
Yeah you have to take a lot of caps to feel anything. The Fiji Kava ones are good if you break them open but whoa it's expensive.

What would you recommend as a submission? I was thinking of writing one but wasn't sure if consumer submissions would help. I could argue the spiritual significance/cultural relevance until the cows come home but wouldn't want to mess it up or say something that could be taken in the wrong way.

I think products available elsewhere in the world that are mixing Kava with substances that are yet to be decriminalised in Australia are doing us all a disservice. Hopefully some very smart and influential people are making some valid and good natured submissions.