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I originally bought a 20z jar of coconut vanilla extract kava kava from PK, something happened in the mail and the jar got damaged or loosened up and some of it leaked out.

I was disappointed but after contacting PK they sent me another jar for free just to make up for the post's incompetence.

I'm still new to kava so a full review for effects will come in time but I can tell you that it works and it's of good quality.

Thank you!

Steve Mariotti

Kavapithecus Krunkarensis
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I had that early on. After trying some glycerin tincture I bought from the B.O.-friendly vitamin shop nearby, I ordered from PK and got some instant and a jar of orange-chocolate. Gawd the "cream of vanuatu" stuff was just wretched. But I could palate the extract. I suspect that and Kalm with Kava Concentrate, which I ordered next, got me through my RT period. And then I was on to medium grind before I had my first real FULL kava session.

I know @Bradley666 was a big fan of the extract from PK. You could find his reviews if you want to read about another reaction to that product.
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