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Kava Blend Review Bee Mellow Kava Honey Blend


Kava Enthusiast
All three Kava Blends (Feeling Good, Buzz Honey and Bee Mellow) were a big disappointment. I really liked the concept and I was looking forward to them. I bought two samplers of all three so I know I didn't just get a bad one. It's just dark gunge with what seems to be micro mixed in, which makes it gritty dark gunge. The effects are fine, but it would seem the point is to make kava more palatable, which it fails at.


Kava Enthusiast
haha! Maybe these are still the beta versions of making kava palatable. I remember they were selling Buzz Honey and Bee Mellow back in the late 90's. Probably everyone else switched to adding CO2 extracts to candies etc. and they've continued the old first attempts at such a thing. I'd be interested to know how many other flavored kava products were on the market when they first started selling this stuff; anyone know?