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Powdered Kava Review BFK Lawena Review

Darcy Jay Strutt

Kava Curious
{"Grade":8,"Potency":7,"Mind":8,"Body":6,"Anxiety":8,"Sedative":6,"Taste":"4","Preparation":"Traditional “Canoe” Method","Duration":"+2 hours","SideEffects":"Tiny unsettling of stomach ","Headline":"Happy Brew!"}
My 3lb AAA sample pack arrived today and I couldn’t wait to dive in ;)

The kava brew was thick and milky after 8-10 minutes of straining. Quite a bit of sediment in the oily, light tan coloured liquid. It is mild tasting and quite easy going down. A smooth, earthy and peppery flavour, it tasted as you would expect from a Fijian Lawena.
The effects of the first shell came on about 4-5 minutes after the first shell. It gave a warm and steady push up from my body into my head. Nice fuzzy buzz and glowing mood ensued. Immediately went to hang out with my gf and her son to listen to Björk ~ Volta.... I feel wonderful and extra happy! I forger about my aching body from work and fall into laughter with my family! I am enjoying the effects quite a lot now.

after about 20 minutes I have a second shell. This one also hits quite fast and noticeably. The warm push is back but I feel the slightest bit of “urpy” stomach. I drink some kambucha and my stomach is easily settled and I am climbing upwards again to a lovely plateau of comfort and contentment.
I feel proud of my hard work and see the radiating beauty of my gf and her son... I feel the soul of our house and the positive energy we create as time unfolds.
I am one minute quite introspective but can pick up quickly and join in the lovely conversation about music.
I really enjoy the Lawena. It is not the strongest kava I have tried but the effects are easy to navigate and enjoyable. This is perfect for week days and mellow evenings chilling with the family.

BFK has terrific customer support and shipped my order out quickly. It was packaged perfectly for a long trip over the border up into Manitoba. The price is fantastic and much, much cheaper what than my other usual vendors charge.

I can’t wait to try the Waka and Vanuatu later on in the week!

I definitely recommend trying this kava and I will be buying from BFK again!



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