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Powdered Kava Review Bir Kar Basal & Lateral mix

Señor Chuggs

Friend of Kava
{"Grade":0,"Potency":0,"Mind":0,"Body":0,"Anxiety":0,"Sedative":0,"Taste":"9","Preparation":"4 spoon/6 cups prep","Duration":"Whoosh: 10 sec; tingles: 30-40 min?","SideEffects":"none","Headline":"Bir Kar: It's Good Stuff"}
This stuff gets you where you want to go and it gets you there quick. Very nice!

I met up with @P.S.L. Kava outside at the park on a nice sunny afternoon. We had a few shells of Palarasul and then I grabbed a few bags of kava, one of which was Bir Kar. He had the Palarasul mixed pretty thick so I thought I'd come home and cap off the night with a few shells of a fairly dilute Bir Kar. There was about 45 min between the time I got home from the park and when I started the mix.

Well.. WOW. Despite a much thinner mix, the Bir Kar had the same immediate eyelid drooping "Woah..".

I say dilute, but honestly its about standard for me I usually do 4 heaping teaspoons to 6-8 cups of water and then a 3-4 cup 2nd wash. For this batch Im 2 shells into a 4 spoon/6 cups prep and I already know all I need to to write this up. It slaps.. there you go. Both kavas were really smooth but the Bir Kar gulps a little smoother IMO, but that may be because I'm comparing a strong mix to a weak one. At any rate, I'd say I don't have as much of the "piney" notes as what I was drinking earlier, but still have deep deep mental contentment and immediate soothing chills and relaxing waves of soothing "numbness".

I put piney in quotes because the Palarasul is not quite piney, its along the same lines as piney like many Vanuatu and Hawaiian kavas, but its also fresh or crisp. This isn't the bitter mulch or grass clippings taste one usually thinks of when they hear of a piney kava. But, I digress, this is a Bir Kar review.

I put numbness in quotes because this feels as though the sensation radiating in my limbs feels like it would be numbness after more shells or with a stronger mix, but at the level I'm mixing I'm just feeling the relaxing tingly precursors of kava numbness. And it lingers too shell to shell. Im suprised to get a full spectrum (to say immediate as well as lasting) effect profile from just a small amount of kava. Im excited to try a considerably strong mix and compare. I can definitely say confidently, Bir Kar is VERY efficient in small-medium amounts and is very pleasant. I'm interested to note any emergent effects unique to this variety of kava I may feel when I go to mix a stronger bowl. BULA.