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Powdered Kava Review Borogu


Because "Shell Silverstein" was already taken
Prepared a bowl of this on a late Saturday morning in the NYC area. I was holed up like so many of you and was fresh out of root, save for a negligible amount of frozen makas (thanks to those of you who have discovered and shared that method), which wouldn't be useful without some other frozen friends to help it out. That's when the mailman dropped off a 100g sample bag I had ordered, and which arrived fairly promptly.

On a relatively empty stomach, light mental relaxation and mild euphoric effects were experienced almost immediately at the first shell. This is something I have never experienced from any kavas except for those known to be very heady, and even in such cases, such effects were not so relaxing, or were anxiety-inducing later on or the next day. With this Borogu, none of that was the case, which is to say that this might be my first real enjoyable "balanced" experience. I had 1/2 shell a few minutes later. The initial pleasant effects soon (lets say, in about 20 min) gave way to a nice light body relaxation with light sedation. These effects were not as pronounced as some of the notorious heavies, but much more present than the two MeloMelos I've had from two vendors. Soon I sat down for lunch with my family. A real krunk was not in the cards, but this purchase, and these 2 or so shells were more than worth it. I can certainly see this being a good afternoon kava as I try to do my very stressful job, locked in with the family...

The taste was also good. The few kavas I've had previously from BKH have a nice light and almost sweet taste, reminiscent of the milk left after the cereal is finished . . . you know what i mean. This one had that taste but just with a little more bitterness, but still less bitter and better tasting than most of the other kavas I have had.

Accordingly, I just ordered a pound more at a good price. Thank you Bula Kava House!