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Powdered Kava Review Borongoru


Kava Enthusiast
First, let me say that this stuff smells awesome! "Rich" is the word I'd use to describe it. My non-kava drinking girlfriend disagreed, so maybe my nose is learning how to anticipate how much I'll enjoy a new batch of root. It wasn't very bitter, either, but I think the peppery bite might have just overpowered that aspect. After one shell, my mouth and lips were awesomely numb, and after four, my fingertips were a little less sensitive than normal, too.

It was uplifting yet relaxing until a few hours after my last shell, at which point I got the nice sedative effects that helped me sleep soundly into this morning, when I awoke refreshed and without any hangover symptoms.

Great stuff, very unique! It's now added to my list of favorite kavas, probably tied with Mo'i in the #1 spot.


Avg. Dosage: 8 Tbsp. (58g)
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This stuff turned out great for me last night...i like to push a new kava when i get one, to see if it's capable of bringing me all the way to "kava-lala-land"...i quickly enjoyed my usual 8 tbsp prep, but decided to see what 2 more spoons would do afterwards ---- it completely took me away. Nothing has been able to do that to me lately except Mahakea and Papakea.
I'll be away from it for the next couple nights, but can't wait to get back to it.
It is absolutely a top 5 kava for me...maybe top 3.


Kava Enthusiast
Much appreciation Wigman, thank you for your review! That's funny, exactly what I compared it to, a Vanuatu version of Moi
I think it's a little "dreamier" than Mo'i, if that makes any sense. I think that it hits a little harder than Mo'i after the first hour, too.

In any case, I like it a lot and will be having more tonight!