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The Kap'n

The Groggy Kaptain (40g)
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{"Grade":10,"Potency":9,"Mind":8,"Body":7,"Anxiety":9,"Sedative":6,"Taste":"6","Preparation":"40g kava powder in 400ml water. Used mixer for 2:30 and strained.","Duration":"2-4hr","SideEffects":"None","Headline":"Tasty and effective!"}
Thanks to a new member of this forum @Vkava, he so graciously offered lbs of Brun's kava for sale here on kavaforums. I picked one up and it arrived Yesterday via USPS. This is a 5 shell kava.

The color of this root will confuse you. It's dark, and you expect a dark beverage, but that's where the surprise comes in. It brews up a perfectly light tan color.

Smell: This kava smells like it was just harvested yesterday. Extremely fresh and "planty" as @TJrriffic often says.

The taste: Quite a pleasant surprise as well. This kava had a sweet flavor to it, with no off-putting tastes. A fantastic example of a great kava. Freshness carries through to the taste as well. It's another kava that occupies the closest space next to fresh kava in taste. Very happy with it. It made for some of the easiest to drink kava I've had in a long time.

Effect: Super fast acting so you know it's packed with kavain, relaxing, and had me melting into the couch. I expect this effect to increase as the week continues.

Grind: Fine medium. I think this is my absolute favorite particle size. It was quite easy to strain, but still small enough to get the good stuff out

I'm only on day 1, so I'll likely come back and add more to this review, but I'm comfortable saying this is an excellent quality kava. You can taste the meticulousness of the cleaning and drying process.


Day 2. Gave another 1/2 star to body effects. This kava is continuing to develop it's heaviness.

Again, so easy to knead and drink. It hit me like a ton of bricks last night, and I look forward to it again tonight.
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