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Kava Extract Bula Kava House CBD/Kava Review


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In lieu of shells and a proper template, I am making my own lol.

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I usually find extracts to hit hard but not last a long time. This one is similar except it seems that the synergy between the ingredients come together to offer quite a punch with a nice transition into an overall mellow vibe. I found it especially good with some stoney kava as a chaser. I also noticed that the efficacy is largely dependent on how long I hold it sublingually. So I offer the advice to hold it under your tongue for a good 30-40 seconds, if not longer. It numbed my whole mouth for a good 5 minutes. It reminded me of the good ol days of a Pouni Ono. I would like to try this in the future with some Nambawan. I recommend it, but noted that it took me a few days to feel the relaxing effects of the CBD.