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Powdered Kava Review Bula Kava House Temo


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{"Grade":9,"Potency":10,"Mind":0,"Body":10,"Anxiety":10,"Sedative":10,"Taste":"-6","Preparation":"5 tablespoons with 300ml of warm water and iced (4 cubes) before drinking.","Duration":"ongoing","SideEffects":"Sleepiness","Headline":"Very Strong but clean taste."}
It's a good thing Shakas left such a thorough review for this kava, I am having some now as I find it best to review it while drinking it but man it's hard to concentrate on much. This kava is not bitter per se but punchy and peppery. It's the kind of kava I only want to taste once to write this, I recommend chugging it asap.

Taste aside, effects come on quickly and I can sort of feel my face go numb. Really makes me want to sit back and close my eyes. It's not a daytime kava and I think the rest of today will be a wash for me but that's ok. There are worst ways to spend an afternoon. This may be the first kava in a long time that will last me more than a week. it doesn't feel like an everyday kava for me simply because it's too strong. This will make a wonderful treat on the weekends.

The Kap'n

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Yeah man, that taste is what keeps me quiet about it. The effects I found perfectly fine, and didn't feel overly dried out afterwards, but goodness the taste and smell have a....uniqueness about it. It's likely just me though, as I've not seen anyone else remark about the taste except you, so I figure it's just a few of us that remember some kava from the old days that had that specific smell to it.

Good kava, weird smell and taste. I concur with your review.


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Upon drinking more of it, I got more used to the taste. It's still punchy but smooth, if it's ice cold, it is much easier to bare it. It can be used during the day but in moderation, I found. The pound is gone so I must have liked it..;)