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BULA. Tonight's Kava recipe.


Kava Enthusiast
Bula all, this is my first time trying Pana'ewa. It was harvested two weeks ago, and has been in my care for about a week, so it is quite fresh. Fresh Hawaiian root, frozen instead of dried. The grind is about the same as traditional grind Kava.

I have seen video footage of Vanuatu men and their children chewing up kava root then spitting it onto a leaf which looked like a kava leaf, as well as men in Hawai'i using a meat grinder on fresh sliced and peeled Kava root. They cut and chop the kava so fast but if you look closely you can see they attempt to peel it. In a Fiji'an display, water was stored in some kind of staff which is human height, and then poured into the tanoa from there.

Here in my home, I am using a ceramic bowl with four courners, which is larger at the top than the base. I used roughly a liter and a half (1500ml) water for a quarter pound to 3/8ths of a pound frozen, hydrated Pana'ewa Hawaiian kava root. I had already created a brown drinkable kava before the last bits of ice thawed and this is when I added the rest of my water and squeezed for a while longer. I would squeeze the roots for much longer than this, if I did not plan on storing them for another brew. I store mine in the freezer, however it would be just fine to spread it out to dry and save it that way as well.

I've had less than a third of this delightful treat before preparing myself a bowl of frozen diced fruit. Mango, avacado, passionfruit, and dragonfruit. I have eaten all of these fruits whole before, and from what I remember, dragonfruit or pitaya is white with black seeds. This frozen pitaya is purple with black seeds, though I won't complain, I'll just speculate. The flavor is nice. I brewed this root right in between thick and thin. I am interested in drinking another shell before I remark or form an idea on what the flavor and aroma may be compared to.

I had another traditional size shell which I enjoyed in four gulps. Generating ideas of the flavor is elusive to me. One of the things closest to me that I find related in taste is the frozen mango and passionfruit. This seems to be a bouncy, perky kava with roots in refreshment, and I think this has more to do with the way it was grown than the method I prepared it. Though my mouth did receive a decent numbing, my hands seem to have got it more than anything. I don't wear gloves with traditional prep, perchance it is topically active through the juice of the root.

Being my first time to taste this kava, I intend to have most or all of what I prepared tonight. If I feel inclined to share more feelings, I will. Thank you for reading.
Pana'ewa 'Awa!


Kava Enthusiast
Delicious! The 'Awa tastes so good to me, I like to drink water before this and then have a small piece of fruit after. I think this cultivar is especially energizing. I realize I used about 2 liters of water, and so I have 500ml (or a quarter) of the brew left.

I took my milk out in case I wanted a sip of milk or to add some as creamer, but after a good shell, I decided to put the milk away. It was the kava I was after.