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Kava Extract Review Co2 Kava Concentrate - 30g Tube - Honey Orange Vanilla

Russell Caruso

WOW. This stuff is POTENT. It says there's 210mg Kavalactones per 1/4 teaspoon, but I barely take 1/8 teaspoon and it's as if I drank I drank a mildly potent shell of Kava. It's such a different type of feeling, as well. It's more well rounded, and more.. Fulfilling? I guess I could say if you're looking for a type of Kava that will really let you "feel it" this is the way to go. Interestingly enough I don't get much of the ear-ringing effect from this stuff. It's definitely on the headier side, but there is also a heavy side to it. It could absolutely put me to sleep. I wouldn't recommend this for a first-time Kava experience despite how simple it is to use, it's just crazy potent. As others have said on these forums it does kick in really, really fast. You can feel the initial effects from the oral absorption, complete numbing of the mouth beyond anything i've ever experienced, and then just a really.. Loose feeling all over the body. It seems to put the mind and body in perfect harmony. If I had to choose between any type of medium grind/instant/extract or whatever type of Kava to get me the closest to truly intoxicated, it would be this!
Someone on these forums recommended this to me as a daily, easy-dosing extract that I could use to mellow out anxiety easily and discreetly throughout the day, and he certainly was not wrong. But I really have to learn exactly where my dosage sweet-spot is, it's fairly easy to end up going a bit too close to the Krunk side of Kava, and I think that's how this will be with everyone given it's potency. Here I sit having dosed a tiny bit around 2 hours ago, I dosed another tiny bit around 30 minutes ago and i'm almost entirely glued to the chair. The initial kick-in was wild because i've never had Kava kick in this fast, and since i've been taking it easy on this stuff doubling up the dose was a new experience to me ::happyshell:: LOVE this stuff, absolutely give 5 stars/shells. 10/10. Amazing. And on top of that all, the taste is actually perfection. Great job Bula Kava House, this product is a big winner.

I also forgot to mention this product is for sale on Amazon, though I don't think it's on BKH's website yet.

Little side note: whoever put the Ricky from Trailer Park Boys emoji on these forums, thank you. ::tpbricky::::tpbricky::::tpbricky::

Russell Caruso

Just wanted to reiterate how amazing this stuff really is. Just ordered another tube, happy to see it's back in stock. I've upped my typical Kava dosage and i've really started to enjoy it's effects more and more. I love the simplicity of just squeezing some out and enjoying. The "self-regulating" effect of Kava shows itself much more with the simplicity and ease-of-use this product provides. You'll know when it's time to slow down and take a break for a while.
Also: thanks for using sunflower lecithin in it instead of Soy like other extracts! I personally am mildly allergic to soy. I can tolerate lecethin, but I try to avoid any kind really. So it makes me happy to see the alternative used.
All around great product. Just dosed a pretty big amount for my Friday night.


This really is the best of all the extracts I’ve tried. It’s by far the best tasting and most potent. About 6 mos ago, it was no longer available on Amazon and didn’t show up on their website at all. I did some research and ordered 4 other extracts, though none of them compared to this one. Root of Happines Lemon Honey extract is what I’ve been using since. Not bad at all.

I was thrilled when I happened to see the extract was available again. I assumed they’d stopped making it altogether. I’ve ordered quite a few- so I won’t run out any time soon! Received them today (along with other excellent Kava products- 11 yr Waka micronized and the marvelously potent Nambawan kava root.) I tried it again tonight for first time in 6 mos. It’s every bit as wonderful as I remembered!
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