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Instant Kava Review Cocoa Blend Instant Drink Mix


Kava Padawan
Cocoa blend doesn't taste as great as it smells but that's to be expected, it's kava after all. I mixed this 2 tsp. sample with water and chocolate cashew milk, which is The Sh%$!. Very heady effects after drinking 1 shell's worth finished the mix about 10 minutes later. Listening to this band on recommendation, the Telescopes, and really enjoying it while making dinner. I'm able to focus on what I need to do but also just allow myself to chill out, been needing to lately. This was such as easy way to get into my kava session tonight and would be a great go to in the daytime. a little goes a long way and it would mix well in a variety of drinks. Anything chocolate is of course recommended.

Great stuff. That said, this is pretty much the same as the instant vanuatu mix I'm more reviewing the presentation of the cocoa blend. On it's own the taste is that of what you might get in some other chocolatey supplement type drink. Drinkable, for sure, but when mixed in with a like-tasting drink it goes down smooth and is enjoyable.

NOTE: I made this with a nutriblender and, i think, that the extra agitation achieved with the blending really affected the potency of the drink. Could also be that my stomach may be more empty than last night when I tried the Berry Blend. Given the oppotunity though, I'll be using the nutriblender as much as possible with this line of instant mixes.