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Connection between stress and dermopathy?


Kava Lover
I notice that my hand dermo
Lightens on the weekends. It also
Has completely cleared up since we have been off of work for corona. I experience quite
a lot of job stress and sleeping problems when I am following
My work schedule. I have been using lots of hand sanitizer which would normally fry my hands and
Been drinking about the same amount of kava as always. Does
Anyone else notice a similar connection? I'm thinking it's either
The stress or the lack of sleep that is causing it to flare up. I guess i should note that my anxiety has given me mild to severe hand sweating that persists for probably 80% of my waking life so that could also be a factor.

Sorry for my weird paragraph layout, using KF on my phone causes the words to splice into each other as I'm typing from line to line so I have to press "enter" to avoid having missing words and typos.


Kava Enthusiast
Glad it cleared up for you. I used to get bad eczema on my hands during stress. Once I was done university it started to go away lol. This was before I ever drank Kava but I would def say there is a connection.

One thing you could try if it ever really bothers you is putting a generous amount of vaseline on your hands than slipping on some cotton gloves before you go to bed. Not always a cure but a good way to keep it under control

Zac Imiola (Herbalist)

Kava Connoisseur
Lack of sleep causes hormonal imbalance, along with insufficient liver detox, which liver health is directly related to skin health.

Makes sense to me.