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Coronavirus Virtual Kava circle


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You joined? Downloads are for the Hangouts app, Google Hangouts. If you are using application for it. I am using Google Chrome on a fairly old Windows Laptop computer and I had the camera pointed at the sink as I washed dishes, I was gonna talk and have a good time with my music playing in the background, it was still a good time! I brewed a shell of Vanuatu Nambawan that was green, here greenbean, a shell for you! BULA.


The Kaptain of Crunk (40g)
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I'm calling in a rain check for tonight. My better half wants to watch some show about tigers or something on netflix.

Kojo Douglas

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Absolutely! Fantastic stuff. Always great to throw back some shells and talk Kava (and a lot of other things too!)


Kava Enthusiast
Just posting so I am able to enable the website to notify me anytime anyone posts. Would like to join the next circle