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Dermopathy question: sipping vs. chugging

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Is there any reason that sipping two shells of kava over an hour or so would be easier on your skin than chugging said two shells all at once? Odd question, I realize, but I have embarrassingly little sense of the chemistry of the digestion of kava.

Any of you science-literate kavasseurs have an opinion? I do feel like sipping is ultimately easier on your skin in this case, but that's just based in some vague notion of mine that flooding your body with kavalactones is more stressful on it.

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I would say no also, traditionally in the pacific area where kava grows, they always gulped it down and did not sip it, since there is something in the kava that does cause the dermopathy so if you sip one cup or gulp it you will be getting the same amount of what ever it is that causes the dermopathy.
From what I have experienced it is prolonged drinking of the kava, like every day for months and months, each person is different though, some will react sooner or later, it all depends on how much you drink and it will stop when you stop drinking, I have had it before and I stop for a week or so and then start up again and no problem. Aloha.

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