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Powdered Kava Review 'Eva

This was my first kava ever and I didn't feel I was prepared to make a review with so little experience, but now that i have tried a few I think I have a better understanding. This is a great kava, very potent and adsorbing. It seems to be the best kava, that I've tried,for just sitting down and enjoying the effects. it has a very mild flavor compared to other kavas and isn't too rough on the stomach. It provides a clear mind and, if you are stressed out or have anxiety,just 20 minutes after drinking, it it all seems to fade away. Like cactus kava's website says this is a good night time kava, or a kava to drink when you don't have much work to do. I do seem so "listen to the kava" while on this one, but it isn't completely overwhelming .When i went to sleep i simply felt myself melting into the bed and i had absolutely no problems going to sleep. The next day after drinking this kava the effects seem to linger on very slightly, i didn't have my usual morning anxiety and felt relatively calm the whole day.