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Powdered Kava Review Fiji Kava Root Powder


Kava Enthusiast
It seems like for the last year or so the Figian Kavas are everywhere! I've had it before but it had been quite a while. The vibe I'm getting is a cool social one maybe not for a large gathering but a more intimate gathering of two or three people would be great for this kava. The added bonus is aches and pains went away maybe five minutes in. As with all kavas I've bought from Real Kava.com the grind is really fine so I don't strain and the sweet spot seems to last so much longer when you drink it all . This method might not be for everyone but it's worth a try. The taste is a little greener/fresher than other Figis I've tried lately. It's been nearly an hour and I'm still feeling good effects, focus is good no aches or pains a very chill relaxed state but not sleepy. It's far too late to give my buddy a call but sometime this week I'll be trying that out it feels like conversational kava to me.