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Anyone try this before?

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Kava Curious
King Solomon Hippo Kava (Organic Instant Kava Juice Extract)

King Solomon Hippo Kava is much different than the other forms of commercial Kava that are available.

The majority of Kava that is sold is simply the roots of the plants that have been ground up.

While that is satisfying to some, it's actually the juice of the plant that provides it effects.

Our Kava is fresh organic Kava juice that has been extracted from the roots of a live and healthy adult 5+ year old Solomon Islands Kava plant, dried and made into an micronized powder that will dissolve in liquids. There are no roots or "brown twigs" whatsoever.

This form of Kava is very strong, at least 4 times stronger as fresh Kava root powder that is traditionally sold. It will be the strongest Kava you have ever tried.

If you haven't had success with Kava, we encourage you to put ours to the test. It will be better than everything you have tried.


Mix 2 to 4 grams of King Solomon Hippo Kava with water, juice or a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.

Coconut water is ideal, but milk works well too. (sweeten to taste)

Do not consume more than once a day without consulting your physician.

We suggest starting with a small amount 2-3 grams.

Within minutes you will feel the strong relaxation and calming effects that the Kava plant can provide.



Phoenix, AZ
Kava Vendor
Hi @kavaloveraz ! Are you from Arizona? I am, too!

Hrmmm. A link for anyone else curious about it:

First off, that picture actually looks like kratom, not kava. Since they sell tons of kratom, and it's $70 (crazy expensive for just kava), I would venture to guess this is kava that has kratom laced in it. Many vendors do this, and it's completely against everything the KavaForums is about. Additionally, without testing, you don't know exactly what type of kava is in there, and I would venture to bet it's tudei. Tudei kava is the type that'll lead to hangovers, nausea, and a really bad time. Kratom is an incredibly addictive opiate like substance. You don't want to mess with either.

I run www.cactuskava.com and ensure that:
1) My kava isn't laced with anything. It's pure, 100% noble kava with no additives.
2) Each batch of kava I receive is tested by @Deleted User, and given an official certificate of analysis from ( www.truekava.com) to prove it is what I say it is.

While I'm biased from my own products, and would recommend you try my Loa Lawena ( http://cactuskava.com/product/loa-lawena-kava ), all of the other certified noble kava vendors on these forums can assure you a much better product. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!


Kava Curious
Thank you ! I will not bother with the Happy Hippo version thanks for your advice and I will check out cactus kava. I do live in Glendale, Arizona and have lived here my whole life. :)
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