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Hi All - Not sure what to expect


Hey everyone,

Been reading a hell of a lot about Kava and especially the benefits for anxiety. I ordered some instant Kava from the Kava Society which arrived about a week ago.

Finally plucked up the courage to try it, I downed 2 teaspoons in some water and it went down quite well, didn't really feel anything so about an hour later I've downed 2 more teaspoons with some milk.

It tasted awful, especially with the milk. It was like drinking liquid black pepper haha.

Anyway, I'm not too sure what to expect or what effects I should be feeling. I'm not too sure if I feel anything to be honest other than kinda comfy in a way.

Jacob Bula

With the right dose you should feel rooted to the ground with anxiety reduction and a mild mood lift for a while. A slight smile should come to you.


Kava Curious
Are you from New Zealand?

Kava has a reverse tolerance for some people, the more they have it the more stronger it effects them. A good kava feeling is hard to ignore, it can be quite strong and intense so keep going.. sometimes you have to keep at it or up the dosage.


Kava Enthusiast
Yeah, the flavor can take some getting used to. Try a chaser like some juice, especially something tropical like mango. It can definately help.


our Roots run deep
when you say down two teaspoons instant, with the water and later milk, you do mean to say you drink the kava liquid AFTER thoroughly mixing the instant powder into the water/ milk, right?!

if you are take it straight powder washed down with water/ milk then please stop... your stomach won't forgive you easily for such!

chasers and pupu's work best for us when kava residual taste is not wanted.

two teaspoons is a pretty big amount of instant, (I use one heaped tsp, about 10 grams). for medium grind 2-3 tablespoons is more common (say 20-30 grams to one cup water, common amount is 40-50g for me).

expect to have to work through "reverse tolerance", common for those new to drinking kava. lasts 7-14 days during which time you don't really feel effects as your body/brain figure out what you're drinking and what can be done with it. I didn't have a reverse tolerance, likely due the years of alternatives used making tons of receptors waiting to be fed by something good..