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hiwa is back

Kojo Douglas

The Kavasseur
It's damn fine. The best I've ever had. Looks like they've already sold out again. I wish Kavasseur would get a commission for its endorsement, hahaha.


Kava Enthusiast

Right as I feel I might be stable enough to try some Hiwa...ofcourse they are out :(

How long do you think it will be untill they get more? I might just go with pacific waka kava instead, the reviews make it sound superb.

But still I want to try a great Hawaiian variety.


Kava Curious
It's back!!! I've been checking their website daily and it was just listed today. Get some while you can! I ordered 2 lbs.


Kava Enthusiast
GOT SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Much thanks for the heads up Lanake. I doubt they will be in stock for more than 3 days.


Kava Enthusiast
It tastes very good, like said fire island but deeper, but the effects are pretty mild. I enjoyed it when I had it and I did say it was my favorite at the time haha, but not sure if im ever going to order more.

This mixes very good with a strong kava like stone. The effects from Hiwa hit then the stone creeps on you. Its great.


Kava Enthusiast
was gonna start a new thread for this but oh well.

anyway, its back.

and i ordered some :) can't wait to try it

I'm thinking of blending it with my malekulah magic