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How long did it take to recieve?


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In the US, got my tracking a week ago but it hasn't updated at all - not even an acceptance scan. Anyone else have experience they can share as far as how long it took?

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Hey sorry for the delay just to clarify US orders from the website our fulfilled from Vanuatu for the time being. Soon this will be US transit. Vanuatu runs on island time sometimes...

For fast shipping and same price/kava Direct message me or email [email protected] for shipping from the US. This will soon be the default!

Pacific Santo

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Hello guys,

Here is some info about our process timing and shipping regarding orders directly shipped from Vanuatu (some US orders through the website are, for now, handled by PSL Vanuatu team for some "stock" reason within the US).

Each order made to Vanuatu team is a longer in process than if you guys order from US (this is recommended to use: [email protected] for any order done from Americas as said above).

Since we send the team in gardens to harvest the kava ordered when the order come to Vanuatu team and do the entire process ourselves. This take up to 2 weeks depending of the order size.
As for example, one of the last large order we had took us up to 1 month to get ready up to 1000 kg, working other orders aside obviously.
We do wish to apply the best process on our exceptional kava, this is why we do not stock some dry kava but harvest on demand and strictly respect our company process step by step.
The harvest and drying time can vary since the weather/humidity/... has an important impact as you guys might imagine. We manage to control these variables to be able to work even if the weather is bad but the process is a bit extended.

Looking for the best takes time and on the contrary with other distributors on the market (if we can call ourselves a distributor instead of farmer) we are not willing to stock.
We have the chance to have a direct access to thousands of traditional Vanuatu gardens at anytime, therefore, we have no intention or any plan to do stock at any point. We only want to ensure we keep our high quality products at their best, in living stock until the sells.
There is a real difference with our process compared to other vendors.
Harvesting on client's demand require a good organization and some more work than if we were stocking our kava ready to go but this is something we do with pleasure to share something special.

As for the shipping, we use several transporters depending of the clients locations. The Vanuatu Post Office is for now the most efficient transporter to go toward the USA from Vanuatu for us. Since COVID we are experiencing some heavy transport pricing actually but manage to go through with the Post Office, which has for now never fail to do their job.

How work Vanuatu Post Office?

In Vanuatu - Espiritu Santo (the Island we are based on), the post Vanuatu Post Office weekly ship the boxes they have in Santo to Port Vila - the capital from where each exportation are sent out of the country.
Once the boxes are in Port Vila the boxes are registered in their system (recently they started to implement the tracking working from Espiritu Santo and not only once the boxes are received in Port Vila but not working this well yet we noticed).
The export process has 1 flight a week from Port Vila which means, depending on when we receive the order & when we finish it we can have 1 to 2 weeks of potential transit inside Vanuatu after PSL ship the boxes, this is due to the 1 flight per week between Santo - Vila organized by the Post Office and the 1 flight per week to export from Port Vila.
Once shipped out of the Vanuatu Post Office in Port Vila, we have experience an average of a 10 days before clients receive their boxes. COVID has obviously made that transport part harder to deal with & plan but from USPS is probably not much under water anymore from the US election, the timing should stay the same.
This means, our clients have already received their boxes under 2 weeks to 1 month usually.

Our US team is able to ship faster onto the US territory if we have your order in the fresh stock we will try to ship monthly.

As for your order krunkgod, we will confirm with you today but normally yesterday it has been sent out of Vanuatu :) we wish you some pleasant time very soon!!

Take care guys