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My wife will drink a shell of kava with me, but she does it just to make me happy, she doesn't get into it.

I wish I had a social scene locally that enjoyed kava. Whether that be a Nakamal or just a meetup where people share kava, I want to drink with folks like you all (that's why I love having the chat feature embedded here). I don't know a single other person in all of St. Louis who drinks kava.


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I'm thinking of putting an app in the site that allows you to tag locations so we can see the dispersion of kava drinkers throughout the world. Not address specific, something like you just drop like a pin in google maps


Yeah, I wish my girlfriend would drink my "dirt water" with me.

I also wish my city had a kava bar. It's unbelievable that there isn't a kava bar in LA where there is more Kombucha consumption per capita than 95% of America. I've even thought about opening one, but am far too discouraged with what that would entail to actually pursue it.

Down in my home city, there is a kava bar that I've been to a few times and it's really an amazing experience when there are a lot of people there to share kava with. I've met some great people and had some great conversations there and really would love to be able to create that environment for others.


Well yeah, I mean it's LA. I feel like if any place is ripe for a kava bar, it's LA. I already know the two neighborhoods I would start looking at and I know for a fact it would work.

The only problem is I'm only 22 and getting tens of thousands of dollars in loans to open my own business, along with all the bureaucrat stuff I'd have to go through just makes it seem out of my reach. Plus, it would keep me too busy to follow my career path which is also something... But, I don't know. I actually wrestle with asking Judd and Andrew about it on an almost daily basis.


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I wish there was some way of making kava tasteless. I would put it in every pot of coffee I make @ the office in the mornings. Needless to say it's already a stressful day. Makes me want to quit, move to some tropical island and grow kava.
I like it, but why stop with the office coffee pot. We should add kavain to the water supply. A krunk society is a polite society


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We need a nakamal franchise. Start a partnership with Starbucks or Walgreens or something so that kava is all over the place.


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Awesome Deleted User! :D And good luck in your endeavors! I agree with you about infraredz..he's one smart cookie and would do well.;)