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Kava Instant Review Instant - Cream of Vanuatu


Patently irritable
I glugged two little cups before having my dinner. It's mild, but I still needed to mix it with something.

Wow. My head is humming (a lullaby perhaps?) and my eyelids are growing heavy. I'll stop drinking it here and will take a little more if I feel like I need it before bed.

Prior to now, I was seeing how kava can be uplifting and social and I'm seeing some positive benefits to that--but for my sleepy kava, this is the stuff. ::awesomesmiles::

Deleted User01

Nice review. Everyone needs to have a "sleepy kava" in their medicine chest. FYI, I usually don't take it less than 1 hour before bedtime. Once the Kava starts wearing off, then your body starts coming down and hoping to land on a nice soft bed. That's when I can really feel the relaxed and mushy muscles. Before I can comment on it, I'm asleep. :sleep: Man, sleep is my favorite Kava effect for sure.